A Guide on Magnesium Oil Uses

American researches show that magnesium oil uses has a lot of significant benefits. Resent statistics showed about 68% of the population have magnesium deficiency. Medical practitioners suggest the use of magnesium oils and products to prevent deficiencies. Magnesium oil actually doesn’t have oil components. It is in fact a water-soluble solution of magnesium chloride that penetrates the skin. Magnesium oil can be used through application on the skin or can also be added to the bath.

There are several magnesium oil uses that are beneficial to the human body, including the following:

Muscle Relaxation. Magnesium is a muscle relaxant. Regular intake or ample supply to the body gives physical relaxation on body limbs. If a person is deficient with magnesium, he may experience tension on upper back and by the neck. It was further recorded that magnesium improves the nervous system resulting to reduction of anxiety and improvement of the person’s alertness. Anyone who would like better relaxed muscles and improved sleep, then supplying the body with its magnesium requirement is recommended.

Cardiovascular Health. Medical professionals suggest that one of the key to an improved overall health and reduced risk of cardiovascular is through an ample body supply of magnesium. They stressed that mainstream medicine often overlook the risks of magnesium deficiency and identify some health problems with illnesses other than the deficiency. It should be noted that medical conditions like high cholesterol, high blood pressure and insulin resistance responds well with the use of magnesium oils. One of the magnesium oil uses in the body is its ability to manage water within the body thus encouraging improved liver function and an increased sensitivity of insulin receptors of the cells.

Energy production. Another one of magnesium oil uses is its ability to provide the body with over 300 different enzymes that helps the body achieve healthy and normal functions. It plays an important role in the Krebs cycle, or the work of energy-producing reactions that happens in the human cell. It also helps in regulating the proper balance of the calcium levels in the body cells.

In optimizing the results, magnesium oil is recommended to be applied in several methods:

  • Direct spraying in the skin. This is the most economical and efficient method of using a magnesium oil. The skin regulates the absorption by absorbing the body requirement only.
  • Tub Soak. Magnesium oil can also be added to a warm bath to get maximum result plus the relaxing feeling.
  • Foot Soak. Another convenient way of applying magnesium is through a warm foot soak. Adding around 4 to 6 ounces of oil to warm water helps in getting the body magnesium requirement.

People can take advantage in several magnesium oil uses to help them achieve healthier life. It is important is that everybody ensures that they have enough supply of magnesium in their body to control and avoid certain illness.

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