Advantages of Magnesium Spray

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Magnesium spray is transdermal magnesium packaged in spray bottles. It is applied to the skin in order to serve as moisturizer and provide hydration. Magnesium spray provides excellent potential for effectiveness, cost efficiency and convenience of use. The concentration is composed of water and magnesium chloride that are sprayed into the skin. It is commonly called magnesium oil. Typically, it has 31% up to 35% of magnesium chloride while the remaining are trace minerals and pure water.

Its hygroscopic properties provide moisturizing and hydration to the skin. Dry environments and low humidity can be remedied by adding magnesium spray to the lotions or with other ingredients like aloe Vera. The mixture helps in retaining the natural moisture of the skin. The spray-on magnesium has been proven to be highly effective since the magnesium chloride is quickly absorbed by the skin. The body is able to assimilate and absorb the magnesium that is topically-applied faster and completely compared to oral supplements.

Oral magnesium supplements are hard to assimilate because of the limited capacity of the digestive tract to absorb the magnesium and the excess creates laxative effects. With Magnesium spray, the body only absorbs the required amount. It bypasses the oral routes intake and is absorbed directly into the body. Among the top advantage of using Magnesium spray includes the following:

  • Well tolerated
  • Easily assimilated
  • It only absorbs what the body requires

Known benefits of magnesium spray includes promotion of healthy eating habits, healthy muscles, proper growth, airway health, calcium balance in the organs and blood vessels, good  electrical impulses in the cardiovascular system and healthy nerve transmission. Magnesium spray also helps in reducing stress. It is considered a natural tranquilizer that helps in relaxing the nerves to relieve tension and lowers the blood pressure. It also works with stored calcium in the body in preventing kidney stones.

Studies show that magnesium also helps in losing weight. It is also beneficial for treating premenstrual syndrome and also delays the aging process that is caused by calcification in the female body parts. Commonly, women’s ovaries begin to age as they reach their twenties. Thus, women who have ample supply of magnesium in their bodies results to the elimination of PMS while in the long run, it makes them feel good and look young.

Regular use of magnesium spray provides healthier and smoother skin. Meanwhile, magnesium spray is also known to regulate the sugar level in the body, improved the cardiovascular function, promotes healthy bones and improved the mental health of a person.


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