Benefits Of Organic Grass Fed Whey Protein

Protein is essential to human growth and overall function and maintenance.  Protein is a staple throughout every cell and structural component of the body, and aside from water, it is the most abundant molecule in the body.  The body vastly utilizes protein, helping to build muscle, repair damaged tissue, form blood vessels, support the immune system, regulate metabolism, maintain healthy hair and skin, and much, much more.  Protein is also an important component in exercise, as the body used the amino acids derived from protein to nurture muscle formation and healing.  It is important to get a proper amount of protein in your daily energy intake, as whey protein concentrate is an accessible, whole food option that has made this often overlooked dietary necessity attainable for everyone.  It packs the nutrition to replace meals, as it also stands strongly as a perfect accessory to a balanced diet. Whey protein concentrate is a supreme source of food, containing high levels of natural enzymes, vitamins, antioxidants, and all the nutrients you may lose in other protein supplements.

Why Undenatured

Undenatured means it has been processed with low temperatures, maintaining all of the essential amino acids and nutrients that are the essentially the reason one takes a protein supplement.  If a whey protein is not undenatured, you are sacrificing most of the quality and nutrition your body and wallet opted for.  Lastly, is looking for a concentrate versus an isolate.  Many argue that isolates are superior because of the higher content of protein, but what you sacrifice in that process of filtration are vital and tenacious proteins called alpha immunoglobulins and lactoferrins, which help to support the immune system. Lactoferrin also has anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-oxidant qualities, helping to regulate iron in the body as well as carry out free radicals.  Those are just two of the many components that are lost in the isolate process that optimize both your protein supplement and overall health, not to mention that isolates are also generally more expensive.

Why A Concentrate

Protein concentrates come with the whole protein package.  You are offered all of the natural enzymes and amino acids that make the whey nutrient rich.  Although through more refined filtration, whey isolates have a higher actual protein content, you end up paying more for less. Isolates literally “isolate” the protein from all the healing fats and sugars that have high value benefits for your health.  All of the immune-supporting immunoglobins and lactoferrin are present in concentrates, as well as considerably higher levels of glutathione, which is a powerful antioxidant.  Concentrates are a whole food product that provides nutrition beyond just the protein intake, making for a more natural as well as nurturing response from your body.   It is important to make sure the concentrate is organic and undenatured to ensure the highest of quality.

Why Grass Fed

Grass-fed cows differ considerably from the factory farm grain-fed cows.  Virtually all farmers that raise grass-fed cattle can ensure the grass is completely pesticide and chemical-free.  Which means the cows are healthier and offer one hundred percent organic whey protein for us.  This is because grass is grown easily with the help of the all-natural manure fertilizer that is constantly being processed.  Also, when cows are able to graze, they are able to move around and get the low amount of exercise required to optimize their health.  Grain-fed, factory-farm cows are pumped full of antibiotics and other medicines to not only simply keep them alive, but also help them digest this food they were not designed to eat.  This throws the amino acids out of balance, which permeates into our products, thus throwing ours off balance as well.  Also, grains and legumes are not nearly as nutrient rich as the grass, weeds, and herbs that pasture grazing cattle are able to maintain.

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