How Reishi Mushroom Benefits The Liver

If we are looking for a great herb to nurture and detoxify the liver, reishi mushroom is the go-to herb.

The liver acts as a control center in relation to all the other organs.  In other words, when the liver is happy, the happiness of all your other organs is a lot more likely.  Responsible for over five hundred different chemical functions, the liver stands tenaciously as the largest and one of the most responsible internal organs.  Its will to function and will to thrive can even withstand physical extraction, for if part of the liver is taken away, it will grow back.

Some occupations of the liver include production of bile, which helps to break down and carry out waste from the body, production of immune factors, extraction of bacteria from the bloodstream, regulation of blood circulation, production of special proteins that help to carry fats through the body, metabolism of foods, storage of vitamins and minerals, and so much more!  Everyday, we are faced with environmental poisons, such as food additives, pesticides, herbicides and air pollution that all attack the liver and threaten its functionality.  Weight control is also largely attributed to liver health.  This being the harsh reality of the revolving world, it is of the upmost importance that we pay close attention to our livers and take its health into our own hands, for our own health and longevity depends on it.

Reishi mushroom protects and tonifies the liver on many levels.  For one, reishi is a powerful antioxidant, possessing ganodermic acids A, B, C, and D, lucidenic acid B, and ganodermanontriol.  These are all extremely powerful antioxidents, counteracting the damaging effects of free radicals on the body, and in other words, eliminating a considerable amount of work from the long list of your liver’s jobs.  Reishi also increases your resistance to infections, viruses, bacteria, fungus and all other external toxins.

By taking a reishi supplement everyday, your body’s immune and nervous system will also be enhanced.  Reishi also helps to maintain a healthy metabolism, allowing for healthy weight loss, more energy and a general overall wellness.  Reishi also naturally enhances Interferon Alpha and Interferon Gamma,  As their name implies, both of these natural proteins produced by your immune system can interfere virus by strengthening cell resistance against viral infection, activating immunity cells, and inhibiting viral replication in each of your cells.

Reishi is used as a liver tonic, as it inhibits the growth of serum cholesterol, which if not controlled could lead to arteriosclerosis, which is the hardening of the arteries when fat and cholesterol build up in your system.   Arteriosclerosis leads to a diseased liver.  Also, reishi works in prevention of liver cirrhosis, which is caused by the destructive action alcohol can take on the body.

In closing, reishi mushroom the most popular of the medicinal mushrooms in liver tonics for a number of reasons.  Reishi effectively enhances liver detoxification, stimulates liver cell regeneration, and improves overall liver function.

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