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Various herbal medicines were discovered during the ancient times. One of the major discoveries is the use of polyrachis ant extract. Polyrachis ant has been in use for centuries by the ancient Chinese people. They use it to prolong their lives.

Polyrachis ant belongs to the family of formicidae and is a genus of ants. This is the type of ant that is eatable. This medicinal ant offers several health benefits that help strengthen the entire body system. Here are the qualities of the herbal ant extract.

  • The ant extract can be used as medicine and helps boost the immune system and fight against various illnesses.
  • The ant extract is considered as the top source of zinc.
  • Other nutritional contents included in the ant extract are antioxidants, anti-aging elements, phosphorus, calcium, iron, magnesium and selenium.
  • It also has the ability to increase the level of sex hormone production and testosterone levels because of its high zinc content. Zinc is essential to the body especially when there is excess sexual fluid release.
  • This ant extract can help reduce the risk of diabetes and prostate cancer.
  • According to chemical analyses, the qualities of polyrachis ant extract are similar to that of ginseng and reishi mushrooms.
  • It enhances and improves the function of the musculoskeletal system, digestive system and cardiovascular system.
  • Like other herbs, this ant extract is tonic. It protects the kidney and the liver and is also the best treatment for chronic Hepatitis B.
  • It significantly contributes to the vitality and wellness of the body.
  • It promotes higher level of fertility among women.
  • Intake of this medicinal ant is also effective for athletes. It helps in elevating their energy.
  • It is not only beneficial to our physical health; it can also help the emotional aspect of the person as it can also relieve stress and improve one’s behavior.

These are just some of the benefits that we can get out of taking polyrachis ants. The wide use of this ant as an herbal medicine has already been introduced in some parts of the world. This is famous in China and all over Asia where the wonders of these polyrachis ants are well acknowledged. Moreover, it has been proven that extract from dried polyrachis ants can also nourish the blood and regulate proper body circulation.

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