Reishi Fudge Recipe

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Ingredients 1 Cup Fair Trade Organic Cacao
 1/2 Cup Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil
 1/2 Teaspoon Vanilla Extract
 1/2 Cup Organic Maple Syrup
 Pinch of Sea Salt
 1/2 Cup Crunchy Almond Butter 1/4 Cup Hyperion Reishi Mushroom Extract
 1/2 Cup Extra Fine Coconut Shreds and more for rolling fudge...

Medicinal Muffins Pt.2: Chocolate, Peanut-butter, and Chaga!

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Welcome to Medicinal Muffins, part 2, I’m literally bloated with snack ideas. What I find to be outlandish is that with this recipe and our other medicinal muffin using the he shou wu, the herbs made them better-tasting.  It’s like, the muffin was good (but “meh” to me because when...

Pumpkin Muffins with He Shou Wu Cashew Cream Icing

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These muffins are gluten-free, free of additives and refined sugars, completely nutritious, and… if I may- MEDICINAL! By the way! If you need to stock up on He Shou Wu for this recipe use the code “muffins” and save 10% off your next order of He Shou Wu. Also, the icing...