The Benefits of Astragalus Extract

Astagalus is an herb that originally grows in Asia. It has been commemorated in traditional Chinese medicine by being included in the list of 50 most important herbs. The medicinal properties of Astragalus are concentrated in its yellow colored roots.

To understand the health benefits of Astragalus, we must first take a look at the mechanism of our bodies. One of the most important processes of the body is that of metabolism. Metabolism is essentially the utilization of energy to support various body functions. If something goes wrong with the metabolism of the body, then all other processes suffer. A fault in the metabolism causes the entire body mechanism to lose its co-ordination and this leads to various diseases. Thus, a healthy body needs to have a good metabolic rate. This will ensure that all the processes function in tandem to keep the body in prime condition.

Astragalus regulates the metabolism – this results in the body functioning at its best. Thus, the body becomes capable of warding off diseases or in other words – the immune system of the body becomes strong. A good metabolic rate improves blood circulation. This ensures that each and every part of the body receives enough oxygen to function at its highest capacity. This has an amazing impact on the overall health of an individual. The entire body feels rejuvenated, looks, and feels younger. . Astragalus also helps in curing diabetes by regulating the sugar levels in the body.

Astragalus is an antioxidant and this serves to reduce the amount of free radicals in the body. Free radicals are atoms or molecules present in the body which have a slightly negative charge. Free radicals destroy cells and this weakens the body. The body constantly needs to produce more cells as free radicals keep destroying them. This is precisely what causes the body to age. Astragalus destroys free radicals thus preventing the body from weakening and aging.

Traditionally, Astragalus was used to treat diabetes and to supplement fast healing of injuries. Astragalus regulates the metabolism. Metabolism derives its name from the Greek word for ‘change’ and it is a complex process. It consists of two stages. The first stage is known as catabolism and the second stage is known as anabolism. Catabolism is the process where food is converted into a simple form of energy that can be used by the body while anabolism is a process where this energy is utilized for the functioning and growth of the body.

If there is a fault in this process, then the body does not receive the amount of energy that is required for it to function normally. This causes problems in each and every organ of the body and causes the body to degenerate. Asparagus maintains the ideal metabolic rate and thus supplies our body with enough energy to keep it functioning at its best. It also aids blood circulation and provides the body with oxygen which is important for anabolic reactions.

Astragalus has been found to be very effective in treating chronic fatigue. Astragalus has been useful in improving the general health of persons suffering from weakness and diarrhea. Astragalus also helps to treat lung infections and it has been used quite a lot in the treatment of asthma. Astragalus aids in alienation of joint problems and thus it is recommended for patients suffering from arthritis.

Astragalus boosts metabolism and this has a positive effect on the digestive, circulatory and nervous systems. Hence, Astragalus helps to lower blood pressure and blood sugar level. Astragalus is a diuretic – this means that it helps to increase the rate of urination and eventually aids detoxification of the body. Because of this, it is useful to patients suffering from problems of the urinary tract.

Certain claims have been made saying that Astragalus is useful for prevention of heart diseases. There is not much scientific evidence to prove this but the role of Astragalus in improving the general health of an individual is undeniably significant. Astragalus also curbs the production of free radicals and hence increases the longevity of a person. It also helps one to feel and look more youthful.

Astragalus may also have some antiviral properties and is sometimes used to prevent and treat common cold.

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