The Magic of Cordyceps for Energy and Endurance

What if there was a natural way to boost energy levels that left you feeling balanced and stable, without the crash associated with energy drinks, coffee, or too much caffeine? Cordyceps is a natural, healthy alternative for those looking to put an extra pep in their step. 

Cordyceps is a type of adaptogenic fungi noted for its unique appearance of long, slender stems. It has been collected and used in Tibetan Medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine for centuries to help treat fatigue, sickness, kidney disease and low sex drive.

The many benefits of Cordyceps include:

  • Tonified kidneys and lungs
  • Increased cellular ATP for natural energy
  • Balanced immune system
  • Reduced stress and fatigue
  • Improved oxygen utilization
  • Potent anti-oxidant, adaptogen and anti-inflammatory
  • Enhanced athletic performance
  • Tonified kidney yang jing energies

In this blog, I really want to focus on why Cordyceps is so revered for its ability to boost energy and endurance levels, and elaborate on the unique mechanisms that allow it to achieve these fatigue-fighting benefits.

How does Cordyceps work?

From a more traditional perspective, cordyceps is able to work on the energy systems of the body by restoring jing, the body’s deepest energy reserve. One’s jing is the result of an individual’s own nutrition and lifestyle, as well as the quality of genetics inherited from one’s parents’ DNA and genes.

Jing is responsible for:

  • brain function
  • fertility/reproductive health
  • body strength
  • immune function
  • bone development
  • overall energetic output

The problem with most jing tonics is that, when used over the long term, they tend to be overheating or drying for many people. This can lead to literally ‘burning out,’ and may leave you more exhausted than you were when you started taking them… This is not what we want, especially since most people get into jing tonics to increase overall energy. The last thing you’d want is to end up feeling more depleted than you were when you started.

This is where cordyceps truly shines: it provides a noticeable energy increase without being unsustainable over the long term. One way it does this is by strengthening the kidneys and the health of the lungs. But let's take a deeper look into how cordyceps can boost energy and endurance levels.

Cordyceps for Energy

We discussed how cordyceps boosts energy from a more traditional perspective. But how can we think about cordyceps’ benefits through a more modern framework?

Let’s get down to biological brass tacks for a second: two of the most fundamental energy sources for humans are ATP and oxygen. Through a process called aerobic cellular respiration, our cells use oxygen to help them convert glucose into energy. ATP is the molecule that releases energy into our cells.

Modern research has found cordyceps boosts cellular ATP and oxygen utilization, meaning cordyceps can provide more energy all the way down to the cellular level. With more cellular ATP and better oxygen utilization, you not only have more energetic ‘fuel’ to burn, but more oxygen to utilize as well.

By increasing oxygen and ATP, cordyceps provides a natural, stable flow of energy, and keeps fatigue at bay.

Cordyceps for Endurance and Exercise

Aside from more energy throughout your day to day life, more energy also means improved exercise performance, another benefit of cordyceps backed by scientific studies.

More ATP, more oxygen, improved glucose sensitivity, and stronger healthier lungs, are all benefits that easily transfer over into the world of exercise, resulting in higher energy output, longer endurance/training time, and reduced fatigue.

And it's not just casual athletes, exercise enthusiasts, and weekend warriors who are singing the praises of cordyceps: one of the events that led to its popularity was its use by the Chinese Women’s Track Team in the Summer Olympics. The team was able to clean house using no synthetic performance enhancers, just a formula containing cordyceps.  


Cordyceps provides sustainable energy and endurance by restoring jing and boosting ATP and oxygen. This means more energy for your day, more endurance for your workouts, and none of the crashes or burnouts associated with lots of caffeine or lower quality supplements.

You can find high quality cordyceps extract right here. Consider adding it to your coffee or as a natural pre workout! And check out the other top notch Energy and Endurance Tonics while you’re at it. 

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