What Is The Best Absorbed Magnesium?

The best absorbed magnesium is by far in the form of magnesium oil, or magnesium chloride. This is basically a salt water solution that has viscosity characteristics of oil.  This mineral is essential to the body system for it has the ability to strengthen and normalize the tissues and the organs. The biochemical reactions of the best absorbed magnesium can strongly and positively contribute to nerve and muscle functions. It controls and prevents several disorders such as cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and even diabetes.

Different forms of magnesium including magnesium citrate, taurate, malate, gluconate and oxide are also found in green vegetables, unrefined grains and even in seeds and nuts. However, to intensify the promotion of magnesium benefits to human health, magnesium oil allows for the highest bio-availability, due to its abilities to allow high levels of magnesium into your system without laxative effects which are common when taking an equal amount orally.

Other Sources of Magnesium

Magnesium can also be found in hard water, milk, whole grain, meat, soy, banana and even dried apricots. According to extensive studies and researches, the magnesium coming from real foods are more effective than the processed oral supplements. Those with kidney diseases or gastrointestinal problems are more likely to have low levels of magnesium in the body. But, they can still highly benefit from the processed food supplements if the magnesium food intake is not enough for better body nutrient absorption.

The magnesium oil can also improve protein synthesis and metabolism.  More industrialized nations have already witnessed the value of magnesium supplements in their health because it improved their diets.

Complex carbohydrates, fructose and protein are essential nutrients that may help in the promotion and function of magnesium oil. On the other hand, there is also a need to avoid some foods that could unlikely hinder the absorption of the magnesium such as the hulls of nuts and seeds and even the un-sprouted soy and beans. Even the oxalate-rich foods can obstruct the absorption.

Excessive alcohol intake is one of the main causes why body losses magnesium. Other prescription drugs could also hinder the magnesium absorption and consultation about the proper intake of the drugs is highly recommended. Reduce the intake of fat-rich foods. Also, watch over your Vitamin D intake. It dose should not be too high because it can lead to body magnesium leaching.

It is essential to know how you could maintain good levels of magnesium in your body as it poses several health benefits. Therefore, there is a need to understand the magnesium by the body as the mineral can be very critical to one’s health.

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