Agarwood Incense - 5 grams
Agarwood Incense - 5 grams
Agarwood Incense - 5 grams

Agarwood Incense - 5 grams

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Agarwood incense - 5 grams

Very high end, hand made, pure incense. 

100% pure agarwood, no fillers, no binders, no additives, no flow agents.

Just amazing hand made incense.

High grade agarwood is famous for it's anti-anxiety, anti-depression, calming, and spiritual usages. Using aromatic woods such as agarwood and sandalwood is actually a very old branch of Chinese medicine. After using these woods very deeply in recent times, I can personally attest to their myriad benefits and how they enhanced my quality of life. 

Many times I have felt stressed or annoyed but a few whiffs of these amazing woods clears my mind, centers my emotions, and uplifts my spirit.

I highly recommend adding these to your health regime.

Notes on usage:

You only need about 1/4 of a stick to fill a room with calming and comforting agarwood aroma. 

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