Gynostemma Tea - 100 grams
Gynostemma Tea - 100 grams
Gynostemma Tea - 100 grams

Gynostemma Tea - 100 grams

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Gentle on the system, yet profoundly balancing, Gynostemma Tea is a delicious tea you can drink daily. It contains 82-88 different adaptogenic chemicals called saponins, making it a supreme tonic similar to ginseng without breaking the bank.

Benefits may include:

  • Anti-stress
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Immune-regulating
  • A respiratory tonic
  • Digestive aid
  • Protection and support of the normal functioning of the liver and cardiovascular systems
  • Counteracts the effects of Nuclear Factor Kappa B
  • Stimulates the production of the body’s most powerful endogenous antioxidant, SOD or Super Oxide Dismutase.
  • Easy to use and tastes great

Supplement Facts:

Origin: Organically Grown in the High Mountains of Thailand.

Container Size: 100 grams

Serving Size: 1 g or 1 tsp

Serving Per Container: 100 - 200+

Cost Per Serving: $0.12 - $0.25 depending on how many times you brew.

Directions: Directions: Add 1 teaspoon of Gynostemma to 8 - 12 ounces of hot water. Allow to steep for 4-5 minutes. Please note, the longer you steep it, the stronger the tea will be. Also, you can re-use each serving 2 or 3 times. Refrigerate in between uses.

Suggested Use: Gynostemma is a perfect tea on its own. You can also use it as a base for any elixir of your choice! We really love it that way! On a hot day, throw it on ice with lemon for a refreshing treat.

Recipe Ideas:

Ultimate Natural High Elixir

Blender Alchemy Recipe Book


Gynostemma tea was discovered in the late 1960's. Scientists were conducting research, surveying in China, and they stumbled upon a province, that had extremely low rates of cancer, heart disease, and other degenerative illnesses. In this province there were also a concentrated demographic living to be 90 to 100 years old. After inquiry with these wise elders, they uncovered the common thread which was that they all drank what they nick named, "miracle grass." Everyone within this province swore by it as a virtual cure-all. These locals sought this plant and viewed it as the ultimate medicine. The scientists took it to the lab and began researching and studying it. They biochemically identified adaptogenic properties, antioxidants, and numerous clinical benefits. Due to its modern day discovery, the majority of information about this herb is science based rather than manually recorded in herbal materia medicas. Over 82 different adaptogenic phytonutrients are found in Gynostemma, which are similar to the phytonutrients found in Ginseng, and Astragalus, giving it its therapeutic qualities. Gynostemma comprises over 20 years of scientific research to back up all its claims, of which there is an abundance! Because of Ginseng's notoriously expensive reputation, finding a plant with similar biochemical benefits, but fractional market price is a valuable and beneficial discovery for all.

What is Nuclear Factor Kappa B? -> Why Gynostemma is ANTI-AGING!

One specific saponin from Gynostemma, Gypenoside XLIX, has been demonstrated to counteract the deleterious effects of Nuclear Factor Kappa B (NFkB), the substance at the root of all inflammation in all vertebrates and involved in most cell death in animals. Reducing the activity of Nuclear Factor Kappa B should be one of the goals of any longevity, anti-aging program. This compound promotes aging and is at the center of all research into life extension. Gynostemma’s broad reputation as a longevity herb is certainly based on this ability to quell Nuclear Factor Kappa B.

TCM info for practitioners: 

Chinese Pin Yin Name: Jiao Gu Lan

Latin Name: Gynostemmae Pentaphylii Herba  

Category: Tonify Qi

Properties: Slightly Bitter, Cold

Channels Entered: Heart, Lung

General Action:

  1. Moistens the lung, promotes the generation of body fluids, dispels phlegm: For chronic disorders as asthma, migraines, neuralgia, impaired function of the respiratory and GI tracts, and deficiency syndromes
  1. Clears heat eliminates toxins, reduces inflammation: For toxic heat accumulations such as gastric or duodenal ulcers, hyperlipidemia, nodules, cystitis, herpes zoster, and other conditions with dampness, heat, and toxins.
  1. Lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.

TX: Moistens lungs, Generates Fluids, Dispels Phelgm, Clears Heat, Resolves Toxicity

Contraindications:  Avoid during pregnancy, as it will increase the time it takes for the blood to clot.


How much to drink and how often? Two or three cups per day is a great dosage. This is a very safe and gentle herb, so drink it at will.

Does gynostemma increase heart rate? No, in fact athletes who use a heart rate monitor have seen a lower heart rate, when taking gynostemma during exercise than with out taking gynostemma. Research has shown that after taking gynostemma, cardiac output increased mainly through increase in stroke volume, not through increase in heart rate. The means the heart contracts more powerfully, and hence works more efficiently.*

How long do these effects last? During non training or non exercise, four hours. During medium intensity training, three hours. During high intensity training, two hours.*

*Jiaogulan: China's Immortality Herb by Dr. Jialiu Liu and Michael Blumert

Works Referenced: TCM Info Blood Sugar Improvement/treatment of Parkinson's disease through Neuro-protective components Anti Aging/Antioxidants Liver Health Anti Inflammation

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