Organic Reishi Spore Oil - The Jing Of Reishi Organic Reishi Spore oil is formulated to create a pure, high potency, and easy-to-digest vehicle for triterpenes, which is generally the...
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Organic Reishi Spore Oil - The Jing Of Reishi

Organic Reishi Spore oil is formulated to create a pure, high potency, and easy-to-digest vehicle for triterpenes, which is generally the lesser concentrated of the two main medicinal components of reishi mushroom in traditional preparations or extracts of the fruiting body.

Specifications: 90 Capsules (500 mg each)

Ingredients: Organic Duanwood Reishi Mushroom Spore Oil

Other Ingredients: Gelatin capsules

Triterpenes: 30% minimun, at least 165 mg per capsule

Method of Extraction: Advanced super-critical CO2

Usage: Take 1-3 capsules, 2 times per day or as directed by a healthcare professional**

Ideas!: We like to bite the capsules and swish the oil around the mouth- this is because the mucous membranes in the mouth can absorb the oils more quickly. You can also break the capsule open and add to smoothies or juices if they are being consumed soon thereafter.

What are Triterpenes?

Triterpenes, or triterpenoids, are essentially hydrocarbons that have been functionalized as medicines derived from plants and fungi. Organic reishi spore oil contains some of the highest, most bio-available levels of triterpenes in a health supplement.

Our Superior Extraction Method

The advanced super-critical CO2 method of extraction is used to preserve delicate oils derived from natural substances. It is commonly used for fine essential oils, and is the perfect method for extracting and preserving the medicines from the reishi spores.

Potent Concentration:

Organic Reishi Spore Oil is extremely concentrated. 

It is the essential oil, not of the fruiting body, but of the spores, where unique, essential nutrients of reishi mushroom can be found.

It takes:

  • 1000 kg of mature Dunwood Reishi fruiting bodies to produce up to only 1 kg of spores.
  • Over 1000 kg of spores to produce 1-3 kg of spore oil.

What does it feel like?

Organic Reishi Spore Oil has a similar effect of reishi extract, but much stronger and faster to set it in.

The characteristic shen tonic effects may include:

  • Calming and soothing
  • Grounding
  • Potentiating for meditation, yoga, martial arts, or any other mindful practices and exercises
  • Enhanced focus
  • Lower stress levels
  • General sense of well-being


"So I've taken the caps a few different times. 3 at a time. And your totally right about them hitting my system fast, thats definitely what I enjoyed about them. I got that calming sensation and grounded feeling almost immediately after the swishing. And I think over-all it was fun to bite on the caps, hear the pop, the whole thing. Its pretty satisfying sucking out all the liquid and everything. Almost like popping bubble wrap in a way or something." - Zach Nolin, MA

"I noticed an almost immediate calm from the first dosage of the spore oil. I felt like my mind was quieter and more mellow. Also I noticed a really nice sort of body buzz. All in all, this stuff is awesome!" - Mitch Ryan, CA

**Consult a doctor or professional health care practitioner if you are taking prescription drugs, have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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