Introducing: the legendary Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula, now in a potent 20:1 dual extract. This formula is famous within Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to alleviate spleen deficiency.
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Transform Digestive Energy Tonic Formula

Introducing: the legendary Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula, now in a potent 20:1 dual extract

Benefits of The Transform Formula:
-Tonifies & circulates qi
-Supports the spleen & stomach
-Supports healthy digestion and circulation
-Transforms phlegm, dries dampness
-Builds overall health, rejuvenation, and vital energy

The Ancient “Six Gentlemen Decoction”

The traditional Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula or “Six Gentlemen Decoction” has been used for centuries in Asia. It features 6 amazing herbs which work together in a complementary nature on the body.

The 6 herbs which constitute the formula include:

-Codonopsis radix (Dang Shen)
-Atractylodes macrocephala (Bai Zhu)
-Poria cocos (Fu Ling)
-Pinellia ternata (Ban Xia)
-Citrus reticulate (Chen Pi)
-Glycyrrhiza glabra (Gan Cao)

Liu Jun Zi Tang is famous within Traditional Chinese Medicine for its ability to alleviate spleen deficiency. The formula first appeared in the “Selected Stories of Traditional Chinese Medicine” in the Ming Dynasty.

The Connection Between the Spleen, Blood, & Fatigue

Historically, this formula was used when TCM practitioners encountered spleen deficiency. Spleen deficiency is actually very common today, and usually manifests itself through the following signs: loss of appetite, excessive abdominal fullness especially after meals, breathlessness, and a pale complexion. Perhaps most common, though, are feelings of fatigue and lethargy.

Because the spleen transforms and transports nutrients through the blood for bodily functions, spleen ‘qi’ deficiency often ends up resulting in weak blood and inadequate nourishment for all the organs. This causes the individual to feel sluggish and tired.

Supporting Qi & Vitality | A Traditional Perspective

The good news is that by taking a formula that supports the spleen and restores its qi, one has the potential to holistically improve the functioning of the whole body.

A healthy spleen translates into:
-Better nutrient absorption
-More robust blood
-More circulation of nutrients to all the organs

For these reasons, formulas like Liu Jun Zi Tang which support the function of the spleen, have incredible potential to improve one’s overall vital energy and health. This is truly a “transformative” formula.


**Consult a doctor or professional health care practitioner if you are taking prescription drugs, have a medical condition, or are pregnant or nursing. Keep out of reach of children. The above statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Supplement Facts

Ingredients: Codonopsis radix (Dang Shen), Atractylodes macrocephala (Bai Zhu), Poria cocos (Fu Ling), Pinellia ternata (Ban Xia), Citrus reticulate (Chen Pi), Glycyrrhiza glabra (Gan Cao)

Other Ingredients: None

Concentration: 20:1 extract

Container Size: 4 oz. | 114 grams

Suggested Serving Size: ½ teaspoon which is about 2 grams 1-2 x a day, or as directed by a health professional**

Servings Per Container: 57 servings

Suggestions on usage:

This powder can be added directly to smoothies, juices, and protein shakes. The flavor is actually one of the better ones, and would blend well with anything sweet, fruity, or savory. The extract itself has fruity undertones reminiscent of plums or raisins. It is perfect for desserts! It is ready to consume as is- no decocting or preparation necessary. Powdered extracts generally mix more easily in warmer temperatures, but a blender can be used to help incorporate the powder into cooler foods and beverages or simply to ensure a more thorough distribution.

Unmatched Quality and Sourcing | Next Level Potency

Our “Transform” Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula is a potent, concentrated extract - not merely ground up raw herb. Most other extracts of this formula on the market range from 5-12:1 at the absolute strongest. Ours is a 20:1 extract, meaning 20 lbs of herb are distilled into 1lb of extract, ensuring maximum potency and bioavailability.

We have had a relationship with our distributor for many years, and not only know exactly where our herbs grow, but ensure the purity and potency with 3rd party lab testing. We are involved in every step of the process and proud to take the extra effort to ensure the quality so you don’t have to. Our products are grown organically, extracted purely, and secured in their respective packaging without the use of any fillers.

Studies on the Health Benefits of Liu Jun Zi Tang

Liu Jun Zi Tang & Dyspepsia: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/23304226/

Liu Jun Zi Tang & Neuronal Health: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC5979528/

Liu Jun Zi Tang, IBS & Digestion: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jep.2019.111889

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