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LaoShan Sandalwood Incense - 10 grams

LaoShan Sandalwood Incense - 10 grams I can easily say this is most likely the highest quality and best Sandalwood incense you will ever come across. Why do I say...
$55.00 $45.00

Wild Hainan Agarwood Incense - 5 grams

Wild Hainan Agarwood incense - 5 grams Very high end, hand made, pure incense.  100% pure agarwood, no fillers, no additives, no flow agents. Just amazing hand made incense hailing from...
$55.00 $45.00

Incense Tray

This elegant and high quality incense tray is highly recommended if you are going to burning high-end incense such Wild Vietnamese Agarwood, Mysore Sandalwood, or any of the other offerings...
$25.00 $18.00

Wild Vetiver Oil - 2 grams

Wild Vetiver Oil This wild vetiver oil has an intoxicating aroma and a beautiful, mildly woody scent perfect for grounding and relaxation. Vetiver has a wide range of uses and...
$32.00 $21.00

Wild Sri Lanka Sandalwood Oil - 2 grams

Wild Sri Lanka Sandalwood Oil High grade sandalwood is famous for its anti-anxiety, anti-depression, calming, and spiritual usages. This is a rare opportunity to experience sandalwood oil of the utmost...
$45.00 $35.00

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil - 1 gram

Blue Lotus Absolute Oil Blue Lotus has been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years for its aphrodisiac and calming effects. This legendary flower was a sacred element of...
$75.00 $65.00

Transform Extract - 4 oz

Transform Digestive Energy Tonic Formula  Introducing: the legendary Liu Jun Zi Tang Formula, now in a potent 20:1 dual extract Benefits of The Transform Formula: Tonifies & circulates qi Supports...
$55.00 $45.00

Ashwaganda Spagyric Extract - 1 oz.

Ashwagandha Spagyric Extract This is a super potent liquid spagyric extract of high-quality Ashwagandha. Benefits of Ashwagandha may include: Potent yang tonic Energy and endurance support Traditional aphrodisiac  Athletic support...
$45.00 $32.00

Holy Basil Spagyric Extract - 1 oz.

Holy Basil Spagyric Extract This is a super potent liquid spagyric extract of Holy Basil - one of the most revered Ayurvedic herbs.  Benefits of Holy Basil may include: Calming,...
$45.00 $32.00

Rejuvenate Kidney Yin Formula

Rejuvenate Kidney Formula  Introducing: the legendary Rehmannia 6 or Liu Wei Di Huang formula, renowned for its ability to support Kidney & Liver Yin.  Benefits of The Rejuvenate Kidney Formula:...
$55.00 $45.00

Schizandra and Goji Extract - 1 oz

Schizandra and Goji Spagyric Tincture  This is a super potent, liquid spagyric tincture featuring equal parts schizandra and goji berries.  Benefits of Schisandra and Goji may include: Potent yin tonic...
$45.00 $32.00

Wild Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract - 1 oz

Wild Turkey Tail Spagyric Tincture  This is a super potent, liquid spagyric tincture featuring pure turkey tail mushroom. Benefits of Turkey Tail may include: Potent qi tonic Longevity support Immune...
$45.00 $32.00

Chaga Mushroom Extract Capsules

Wild Siberian Chaga Mushroom Dual Extract Chaga is sometimes called "The King of Medicinal Mushrooms" in reference to its incredible polysaccharide content. Our potent Chaga extract ranges from no less than 30%...
$35.00 $32.00

Cordyceps Extract Capsules

Cordyceps Mushroom Dual Extract Cordyceps Extract is a phenomenal world-class herb, which has earned its reputation in the forefront of Chinese herbalism due to its multitude of functions and benefits. Benefits...
$35.00 $32.00
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