2006 Lao Ban Zhang Puerh Tea
2006 Lao Ban Zhang Puerh Tea
2006 Lao Ban Zhang Puerh Tea
2006 Lao Ban Zhang Puerh Tea

2006 Lao Ban Zhang Puerh Tea

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What we have here is a superb example of authentic gushu sheng puerh tea from the famous region of Lao Ban Zhang, available 1 oz bags or the entire 400gram cake.

The Story | Is It Real?

This is an extremely rare opportunity to try this very famous tea at an insane price.

How am I able to offer it at such a price and is it real?

Yes, it is absolutely real and here's how...

Basically one factory owns about 80% of the land and trees in Lao Ban Zhang, thus they are able to control the price and who is able to get what tea, etc. This is what the vast majority of people are familiar with, scarcity and inflated prices.

However, this leaves the remaining 20% of farmers and landowners free to do what they wish, thus we have sourced this tea directly from those who are living in that freedom and are able to offer the tea at a great price.

The Flavor | The Quality | The Psychoactivity

Frankly speaking, this tea brews forever. On many occasions, I have brewed 5grams for at least 2 hours, and the tea was still going, but it was I who had to tap out.

The aging and storage of the tea have mellowed out the flavors, meaning the flavor is smooth without bitterness and astringency, while still retaining the fresh, green, and crisp nature of a high-quality sheng puerh.

If you have had high-quality gushu before then you will instantly recognize the full and think mouthfeel, long-lasting sweetness, and absolute brewing power. 

It's a very friendly tea to brew as no matter how long or short you steep, the flavor always seems to come out nice and smooth.

As a brief warning, this tea can be quite intoxicating and is more on the sedative and relaxing side of things, so I would not recommend drinking a lot of it before you need to be productive. 



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