High Mountain Wild Rose Buds

High Mountain Wild Rose Buds

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High Mountain Wild Rose Buds - 2 oz | 56 grams

Wild rose buds are a delicate and very gentle. They are a superior way to add medicinal value to your tea, while delivering the sophistication of floral aroma.

Like the voluptuous presentation of the rose flower itself, it is has a reputation as a beautification herb, which enhances the complexion, through supplementing the blood and qi, harmonizing the endocrine system, lowering stress, and even enhancing the metabolic system; making weight loss or ideal weight an inevitable result.  It has been known to decrease wrinkles, eliminate acne, decrease aging spots, and regulate menstruation in the female physiology.  Wild Rose bud also encourages regular elimination, protecting the body from toxin accumulation. It is overall detoxifying, gentle, anti-aging, soothing, and beautifying.  Wild rose bud is supportive of both female and male vitality, as well as undisputed celestial youthfulness.

These high mountain rose buds pair well with the Honey Chrysanthemums, as well Organic Gynostemma.

How To Use

Brew these rose buds as you would most other herbal teas. Use 3-8 flowers per cup of tea, more or less depending on your taste. You can usually re-steep a few times and get many cups from the same flowers. This herb brews up a delicious and honey like liquor that is quite unique. You can also experiment with brewing this herb gung fu style, with a gaiwan or small tea pot.

Chinese Name: Mei Gui Hua

Enters: The Liver and Spleen Meridians

Category: Regulate Qi

Properties: Sweet


Promotes the movement of qi, relieves constraint, harmonizes blood and disperse stasis




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