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Lion's Mane Mushroom


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"Since I started taking Lion's Mane, my mental endurance for learning and problem solving has exponentially increased. And, my sleep has been much more profound and restorative.” Nicholas F.

The Benefits You Can Expect From Lion's Mane

Here’s a quick look at the most common ways Lion's Mane can improve your brain, health, and life:

Increases focus & concentration

Boosts mood & wellbeing

Promotes nerve growth factors

Relieves mild anxiety & depression

Supports cognitive function

Enhances memory & creativity

Promotes healthy immune system

Reduces inflammation & stress

Supports nervous system

  • “A Relaxing & Restorative Herb”

    "It’s so delicious! Lion's Mane is a very relaxing and restorative herb that helps deliver the mind to a relaxed creative space." 

  • “So Much More Mental Clarity”

    “Lion's Mane has helped give me so much more mental clarity and I love that it is boosting my immune system during this pandemic."

  • “Feels Like Food For My Brain”

    "Lion's Mane feels like food for my brain. Whenever I take it, I feel more focused, productive, and creative. Love this herb."

A Quick Look at the “Mushroom for the Brain”

Lion’s Mane is a widely-studied medicinal mushroom that’s become a favorite for people looking for a brain boost. It’s unique because of its ability to support a variety of healthy brain functions. What’s its secret? Scientific studies have discovered two compounds that positively impact brain health: hericenones and erinacines. These are the nutrients that once gave Lion’s Mane its reputation as a “mystical source of nutrition.”

Historically, Lion's Mane was known as the "Mountain Priest." It's been a part of Asian culture and Chinese Medicine for centuries. This herb was once reserved for royalty and revered by Buddhist monks for its cognitive effects.

This ancient Chinese herb has built its reputation over centuries as both a medicinal and versatile edible mushroom. In its natural state, lion’s mane grows on oak or beech wood, and its distinctive shaggy white appearance is completely unique with no known look-alikes.

How To Take Lion's Mane

The easiest and most effective way to take Lion’s Mane is as a powdered extract. The great thing about extracts is that you get the power of handfuls of herbs packed into just one teaspoon. Plus, you can simply add a scoop or two to a smoothie or cup of tea and reap all the benefits with ease.

Fun Fact:

A 16-week study conducted in 2009 showed that Lion's Mane significantly increased the cognitive function of a control group of 50-80 year olds.


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