Cracked Cell Pine Pollen Powder - 4 oz | 112 grams
Cracked Cell Pine Pollen Powder - 4 oz | 112 grams
Cracked Cell Pine Pollen Powder - 4 oz | 112 grams

Cracked Cell Pine Pollen Powder - 4 oz | 112 grams

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Cracked Cell Pine Pollen Powder

Latin Name: pinus massoniana


Pine pollen is prized in Traditional Chinese Medicine as a multifaceted rejuvenator of the body and of Jing in particular. It has been used medicinally for over 1500 years, beginning in China, Korea, and Japan. The first known mention of using pine pollen as a health tonic appears in the Xin Xiu Ben Cao (or Tang Materia Medica), authored between 657-659 C.E. Because Pine Pollen has such a history of medicinal potency in China, there is a vast amount of clinical Chinese research testifying to its efficacy and safety as a supplement. Aside from its many health benefits, pine pollen has historically been praised as aiding one’s physical beauty (particularly the skin and face), and even today many of the best beauty products from South Korea contain pine pollen.


Contemporary Use:

Today, pine pollen’s proven ability to stimulate testosterone production makes it a popular choice for high-level athletes and bodybuilders. In addition to its potent effects on hormonal health, pine pollen is a natural goldmine of nutrition, packing hundreds of vitamins, nutrients and minerals. Pine Pollen has also been shown to heal and protect the liver, boost antioxidant activity, strengthen the immune system, and guard against aging and inflammation. Hyperion’s pine pollen is a cracked cell wall powder that facilitates optimal bioavailability, potency, and absorption of these powerful nutrients.


What is ‘Cracked Cell,’ and Why is it Important?

Bioavailability is a word to remember when looking for supplements. Our bodies can only translate certain types of nutrients from organic substances due to indigestible “walls” or enzymes that naturally occur. The cell walls in Hyperion’s pine pollen powder have been cracked at a 99% efficacy to unlock the key to all the beneficial medicinal constituents inside. The process used to do this is low-heat and non-damaging to fully optimize and protect the collateral natural compounds. Without performing this key process, pine pollen would pass through your system un-absorbed.

Benefits may include:

  • Improved hormone profile, increased testosterone
  • Anti-aging effects
  • Improved energy and endurance, reduced fatigue
  • Strengthened immune system
  • Healthier skin and hair (due to the many vitamins and minerals)
  • Improved sexual health, heightened libido
  • Removal of free radicals
  • Decrease inflammation


Protecting the liver, removing free radicals, increased antioxidant activity:

Enhanced immune function:

Anti-aging effects:

Abundance of testosterone, phyto-androgens:

Relieve inflammation, arthritis:

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