Gong Fu Tea Ware

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Known as "gongfucha," a classic Chinese tea ceremony is the preparation and serving of tea in a ritualized manor. The term actually translates to "tea making skill" and provides more than just a good-tasting cup of tea. Brewing tea gong fu style also serves as a meditative practice meant to calm and center the drinker.

A tea set is a must for anyone who is serious about good tea. This gong fu tea set includes everything that you need to begin brewing tea the traditional way. Brewing your tea gong fu style will provide you with a system that gives you consistency in flavor and maximizes the benefits of drinking tea.

This set includes a no-nonsense gaiwan that is both elegant functional, and a glass pitcher for pouring tea. It also includes four clay tea cups, so that you can share your love of tea with others. This is a great starter set for those new to brewing gong fu style.


To learn more about why you should be brewing tea gong fu style, check out this video:



To learn more about how to use your tea set to brew gong fu style, watch the instructional video below:



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