Health Beyond Danger

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This 7+ Hour Audiocourse Might Be The First and Last Herbal Education You'll Ever Need...

"Brandon has done a expert job of adapting Chinese Tonic Herbalism into a format that can be readily and easily learned by us living here in the West.  It is sound in both Philosophy and Practical application, and prepares you to begin implementing what you learn immediately." ~Daniel Vitalis

"Brandon has shown a deep affinity with Taoist health philosophy. His herbal formulas are excellent. He is a guide at this important time of change and unfoldment into a new Human maturity." - Rehmannia Dean Thomas: Tonic Herbalist, Owner of The Shaman Shack, and Apprentice/Tea Master to Ron Teeguarden for over 8 years


The information in this audiocourse is foundational, time tested, and put together in a way that fully integrates the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is truly a holistic approach.

This ancient health strategy is different because it focuses primarily on:

  • Rejuvenating and rebuilding the body from the inside out
  • Balancing the bodies systems(immune, metabolic, respiratory, reproductive,etc) and continually making them stronger
  • Developing and Cultivating Consciousness and Awareness

These are tonics which means there is no limit. The more and the longer you take them, the better you feel and the greater levels of consciousness, energy, and vitality you experience.

This is by far the most effective and common sense longevity and health enhancing strategy in all of history.

Yes, I know that is a massive claim and sounds like a lot of hype, but it's far from that...

I know a lot of gurus out there are selling a lot of hype and using fear to sell "the next big thing."

I see it all the time and I'm sure you do too.

The tonic herbal system has been time tested over thousands of years of actual use, not just what some guru thinks will sound cool or make a lot of money.

These herbs have such a deep history that even a 7 hour audiocourse still only scratches the surface.

They have literally been used thousands of years for the exact purposes laid out in this course.

I believe if we can do something to help others then we must. If we don't then we are doing a massive dis-service to ourselves, to others, and to humanity at large.

The fact is tonic herbs are truly one of my passions. They are something that makes me come alive,  something that has completely transformed my life, and something that has transformed the lives of many people I've worked with.

Over the years I've amassed so much knowledge and experience working with tonic herbs that I reached a point where I really wasn't sure what to do with it.

So I started my YouTube channel and began making videos everday...Despite not being the greatest public speaker or filmographer in the world :)

I knew I had information that transformed my life and could transform the lives of others, I knew I had to do something.

And one thing led to the next...

I started to get so many questions from my YouTube videos that I could see the time was right for this information to be released.

So I locked myself in my apartment for a week straight and recorded this audiocourse. That week literally flew by.

I've put years of knowledge and experience into this course and presented it in a way that is easy to understand and more importantly easy to apply and use.

So here's what you are getting in this course..


Introduction and Preparation

Disclaimer – Track Length: 1:16

Module 1 – The Way Of Superior Herbalism

Why We Need The Tonic Herbs – Track Length: 13:20

The tonic herbs give us an abundance of energy and reserves so that we can fulfill our highest potential and attain levels of health and vitality that most merely dream of.

The Tonic Herbs Are The Great Protectors – Track Length: 13:26

This life is full of many dangers and threats on all levels. In this section you will learn how the tonic herbs protect you on a mental, emotional, and physical level.

How The Tonics Are Supreme Adaptogens – Track Length: 18:33

Let’s face it, life is full of stress and we need help dealing with it. The tonic herbs are the supreme substances to help with this. In this section you’ll also learn what adaptogens are, why you need them, and how they affect the body.

The History and Folklore Of The Tonic Herbs – Track Length: 12:16

Here you will learn how it’s only been in recent times that these herbs have been available. In ancient times these tonics were only reserved for the ruling elite and the hermit monks. We are lucky to have such easy access to their wisdom.

The Philosophy Of Radiant Health – Track Length: 8:14

You will learn how Tonic Herbalism seeks to promote. maintain, and lengthen life, not only to treat disease and illness. This is what separates tonic herbalism from almost all other health philosophies.

The Difference between Superior and Inferior Herbs – Track Length:  16:33

In this section you will learn what makes a tonic a tonic and what separates tonics other classes of herbs.

Module 2 – The Three Treasures

Intro To The Three Treasures According to Ancestor Lu – Track Length: 12:04

ancestor lu

Ancestor Lu is the most famous of the Eight Immortals and revered as a hero of marvelous and infinite wisdom by Taoists. He is considered the founder of Dragon Sect of Complete Reality Taoism.

In this section you will learn about the Three Treasures from a true Taoist master.

The First Treasure : Jing – Track Length: 21:46

Jing is the supreme ultimate treasure. They say that a fool and his jing are soon parted. In this section you will learn what jing is, why it’s so important, how to deteremine the strength of your own jing, and the four aspects of it.

The Second Treasure: Chi – Track Length: 10:10

Chi is the energy that moves and animates life. It is the energy that nourishes and protects us. In this section you will learn the deeper meanings of chi and how to nourish and cultivate it.

The Third Treasure: Shen –Track Length:  26:12

Shen is our higher consciousness and is really one of the main reasons we take the tonic herbs. In this section you will learn what shen is, the 5 aspects of your shen, what they do, and where they are stored in the body. You will finally understand how the mind, body, and spirit are one and the same thing.

The Candle Analogy to Simply and Easily Understand The Three Treasures – Track Length: 6:25

The treasures are like a candle and this analogy presents an easy and simple way to understand this.

What It Means To Leak Jing and How We Do it – Track Length: 7:12

It’s important to know how and why you are losing your energy so that you can plug the leak. This section will show you how to deteremine your own leaks so that you are no longer undermining your own health through your habits and behaviors.

Sage With Reishi Mushroom

Module 3 – The Organs

Intro To The Organs – Track Length: 3:49

The Chinese have an entirely different view of the organs than we do in the West. To the Chinese each organ is a complex system which governs and influences many different aspects for our being. It is important to have an understand what each organ system does. In this system you will learn the functions of each system from both a physical and emotional-psychological point of view.

The Lungs – Track Length: 6:48

The lungs do more than just respiration, they are said to be the seat of wisdom. In this section you will learn on a deeper level what the lungs do and the processes they govern on an emotional and physical level.

The Kidneys –Track Length:  6:49

The kidneys are about more than just renal function, they are the store house of our jing. Protecting and strengthening the kidneys is almost always a good thing. In this section you will learn on a deeper level what the kidneys do and the processes they govern on an emotional and physical level.

The Liver – Track Length: 5:21

The liver manifests as creativity, ambition, motivation, and the will to become. It regulates and smoothes the flow of chi. In this section you will learn on a deeper level what the liver does and the processes it governs on an emotional and physical level.

The Heart – Track Length: 3:50

The heart is about more than just circulation, it is where our shen or guiding spirit resides. The classics say: ” The heart is the supreme master of the organs and the home of the spirit. If the master is brilliant, his subjects are peaceful." In this section you will learn on a deeper level what the heart does and the processes it governs on an emotional and physical level.

The Spleen –Track Length:  6:00

The spleen to the Western mind is a bit of a mystery, but it is a system that we must come to understand to achieve health and longevity. In this section you will learn on a deeper level what the spleen does and the processes it governs on an emotional and physical level.

Outro To The Organs – Track Length: 3:45

Ancient Reishi Mushroom

Module 4 – The Superstars Of Tonic Herbalism

Asparagus Root – Track Length: 10:52

This is the herb that is revered as The Flying Herb. It’s said to put wings on the heart and help a person to have flying dreams. Simply put it is one of the most important herbs for raising consciousness and developing the spirit.

Cistanche – Track Length: 11:05

Cistanche is one the greatest yang Jing tonics on the planet. It is well known for re-building that sense of youthfullness, creativity, will-power, drive, and over-all zest for life.

Cordyceps – Track Length: 12:33

This strange herb is one of the most famous and well-researched anti-aging and life enhancing substances on the planet.

Deer Antler – Track Length: 13:51

This herb is rich in IGF-1 and many other anti-aging, empowering, and rejuvenating growth factors. It is also one of the most revered tonic herbs.

Goji Berry – Track Length: 13:20

Goji is probably the easiest tonic herb to get started with. It is a potent rejuvenating and deeply nutritious food/herb.

Gynostemma – Track Length: 13:20

Widely unheard of in the West, Gynostemma contains more adaptogenic chemicals than ANY other substances ever discovered.

Ho Shou Wu – Track Length:  14:31

This is the herb that’s said to be able to turn grey hair back to its original color. I have seen this happen before my very eyes. It is one of the most famous longevity herbs of all time.

Rehmannia – Track Length: 10:11

Rehmannia is called "Kidney’s Own Food" because of its profound ability to replenish the deep life force that we lose just by living and also through over-work, lack of sleep, poor diet, etc.

Reishi – Track Length: 30:48

Reishi is the most treasured and worshiped herb on the planet. Notice this section is 2-3x longer than the others? Reishi deserves this.

Schizandra – Track Length: 15:19

This is the quinessential tonic herb. Simply put, Schizandra pretty much does it all. It ranks right up there with Reishi, Deer Antler, and Ginseng as an absolute superstar.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tonic Herbalism

How To Prepare and Consume The Tonic Herbs – Track Length:  10:22

In this section you will learn the common ways the herbs are on the market and how to use them.

FAQ About The Tonic Herbs - Track Length: 31:44

  1. Are there some herbs that are best taken alone?
  2. What tonic herbs will help restore someone who has low energy levels and wakes up feeling groggy?
  3. What tonic herbs are safe to take daily and in what quantities?
  4. What about the Estrogenic content of tonic herbs? Why are herbs like rehmannia and he shou wu prepared in black bean sauce, and are there other ways of preparing these herbs, due to the phyto-estrogen content of black beans?
  5. What are the best combination and formulas? What are my favorites?
  6. Is it ok to mix Chinese, South American, and American herbs?
  7. How many herbs in a tea or smoothie are too much?
  8. How to really feel the herbs
  9. Are tonic herbs safe for children? Which ones?
  10. What are the best herbs for building and balancing the immune system?
  11. Can the herbs be taken everyday in mass amounts and can you take too much?
  12. How to grow your own tonic herbs
  13. Is is true that there is no toxicity when it comes to tonic herbs? Is it true that you can never take too much of them?
  14. What tonic herb I would take for the rest of my life if I could only pick one.
  15. Is it OK to just eat the tonic herbs?

Total Running Time of Health Beyond Danger is 7 hours 5 Minutes


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