Milan Xiang Oolong - 1 oz.

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This Milan Xian Wuyi Rock Oolong is made up of smaller-sized leaves. There seems to be a lighter roast on these leaves. Upon brewing, they form a deep green color.

After you rinse this tea, PLEASE take a whiff of it. You’ll be hit with such an amazing bouquet of roses… It’s almost hard to believe. The smell is so floral, and roses dominate the aroma. There’s some mild citrus in the background, but almost no roast smell is detectable. Whoever made this tea did a masterful job. You’ll think you’re in a flower shop.

The taste matches the smell: dewey sweetness, roses, floral, bringing up images and memories of spring. There is some mild bitterness, but this helps to balance out the incredible floral sweetness.

After 5-6 steeps, the floral components soften, and a very balanced and pleasant broth develops. This tea tastes deeply nourishing. I can’t bear myself to throw these leaves out, because they still smell and taste amazing after innumerable steeps.

This tea feels a bit more energizing than say the Tie Luo Han. It’s cerebrally activating and very uplifting. I’d drink this before a stroll through the woods.

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