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Wild High Mountain Honey Chrysanthemum - 2 oz | 56 grams

Kun Lun Wild High Mountain Honey Chrysanthemum is a rare and exotic specimen of delicate delicious honey like flavor, holding a historic use for prevention of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, preventing heart disease, and significantly calming and detoxifying the body. Its ultimate claim to fame is inscribed in ancient texts as “brightening the eyes” or noticeably increasing the visibility of ones spirit when looking into the eyes. All those who drink this ancient and beautiful medicine are ensured to walk with the essence of peace, a purified body, and a tranquil mind. It is a gentle and soothing tea which returns the body to a state equilibrium and leaves one in a meditative state of sageliness.

In Chinese Medicine, Wild High Mountain Honey Chrysanthemum is used for For Wind-Heat patterns with fever, headache, and red, painful, dry eyes. Wind-Heat affecting the eyes, or Yin Deficiency of the Liver and Kidneys causing blurry vision, dizziness, and spots in front of the eyes. All in all, a delicious herb to calm the Liver.

These high mountain chrysanthemum flowers pair well with the Wild Rose Buds, as well Organic Gynostemma.

How To Use

Brew Wild High Mountain Honey Chrysanthemum as you would most other herbal teas. Use 5-10 flowers per cup of tea. You can usually re-steep a few times and get many cups from the same flowers. This herb brews up a delicious and thick, honey like liquor that is quite unique as far as herbs go. You can also experiment with brewing this herb gung fu style, with a gaiwan or small tea pot.

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