Cha Gao Instant Pu-erh Tea – 25 g.

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This Gao is made from ripened pu-erh tea harvested from the Jing Mai region in Yunnan, China in 2012.


Gao is basically an “instant pu-erh” concentrate similar to boullion. In other words, it is roughly a 10:1 pu-erh concentrate, meaning about 10 pounds of ripe pu-erh tea was concentrated down into 1 pound of gao. To brew, simply put one cube in a cha hai, cup, or thermos and pour hot over it.  Shake or agitate the gao and it will start to infuse.  Very nice chocolatey, sweet and ripe pu-erh taste.


This is a great way to have pu-erh tea on the go or perhaps get into pu-erh without having to worry about brewing skill, teaware, etc. It is also a great way to experience the myriad of health benefits associated with pu-erh tea in a really delicious, economical, and convenient package. This is a fairly potent “Cha Qi,” so it is great for enhancing focus, creativity, productivity, and cleansing.


Each cube is roughly 0.6 grams