Tie Luo Han Oolong – 1 oz.

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The medium-sized leaves of this Tie Luo Han Wuyi Rock Oolong are a sight to see! A beautiful mix of dark brown, green, and purple, these leaves brew up a vibrant amber-brown liquor.

This tea smells of crisply roasted fruit. Imagine walking through an raspberry orchard at night, bathed in the aroma of a distant campfire. Upon brewing, the aroma of this tea immediately fills the room. Its intoxicating.

The taste is a perfect blend of smoky, sweet, and spicy broth. No bitterness or astringency. The taste lingers and fills the entire mouth.

I find it almost impossible to brew this one wrong. This tea tolerates water temperatures around 190 degrees towards the beginning very well. After 4-5 steeps, feel free to hit it with a full boil. This brings out the spiciness hidden within the leaves.

I wish there was a more elegant way to say this, but this tea gets me STONED. Very smooth somatic vibe to this tea. I’d drink this any day! Clear your schedule before drinking this tea. You may just want to chill.

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