3 Rules of Attraction

  1. Non-neediness:

 This can be better understood as self-directed awesomeness. IE: Being so happy with your own situation and satisfied that you can bring someone else into this vortex of fun. This requires consistent effort and work, but can be achieved and once achieved is a momentum you can use to keep this ball rolling. This puts the other person in a position where they have to rise to your vibration, add to it, or fall by the wayside, because they simply don’t want to enjoy themselves that much. You don’t need anything from them because you could easily bring this party somewhere else as there are lots of people who would want to be a part of the value you provide. By coming from this mindset you are creating magnetism, because people can sense that instead of coming from a place of looking for external validation you are comfortable with providing your own validation. This is attractive to healthy people because healthy people are looking to share their happiness with someone else, not give it away to someone who needs it (Savior) or vice versa (Victim) rely on the other person to feel internally fulfilled. The perspective is, “You can join MY party or I can bring it elsewhere but either way I’m having a great time.”

2. Mysteriousness:

Common mistakes many people make when interacting with each other is vomiting all their stories, life aspirations, goals, dreams, ect… onto the table. This is the equivalent to a magician who demands you come see his show than without any showmanship or anticipation jumps to the main act entirely revealing what’s behind the curtain! After this the show must end for there is nothing else to anticipate or build into. Another reason why mystery is such an attractive quality is because you are playing the magician when you step into this energy. You are saving energy by not telling everyone everything and using that energy to cultivate more gifts, skills and talents.

This, in itself, preserves Jing, which helps circulate source qi. A physical practice one can try to feel the usefulness of this in their bodies is to play with root lock (Mula Bhanda) and belly lock (Udianda Bhanda during physical exercise, or while they are spending energy. If you are not familiar, with these practices just engaging the deeper, more subtle belly muscles through kegals is a way to tune into this type of awareness.

When the time comes for your talents to be displayed you will shine brightly, as no one will even know that you had this hidden skill up your sleeve. This can also be thought of as not dispersing your qi but conserving it while redirecting it towards your personal goals and aspirations. When we tell someone we are going to do something it is less likely to happen than if we were to just do it.

3. Self Care:

This is commonly unspoken of but truly connected to the ability in which you are able to pull someone with just your own physical health. The healthier you are on a physical level the more of an intense vibration you can send out.

This means that regular exercise, self-grooming, and spot on nutrition all influence the hormones within the hypothalamus and the intensity of your pheromones. A man who conserves his sexual energy, eats a strong dietary model of healthy fats and proteins with lots of vegetables, and takes herbs which strengthens the blood, connective tissues, and hair, is far more likely to produce higher levels of testosterone creating the sense that he is well nourished in all aspects. This creates a safer space for whomever he chooses to share his energy with because others can feel that he has the energy to care for others if need be, since he had the self love to provide it for himself. In a similar vein, this comes back to the universal truth that you cannot give what you do not have. In Chinese medicine, having quality liver blood is associated with almost everything that produces a well cared for person. Because blood nourishes all the organs, lubricates the tissues, and provides proper delegation of nutrients, the quality of the eyes, hair, nails, and skin are all are influenced by whether or not one has quality blood and an abundance of it.

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