Frequently Asked Questions:

It’s my first time on this site- where do I start?

If it your first time visiting this site or researching herbs in general, it is important to really read into each product and see what resonates with you.  Write down things that stand out, or any questions you may have, and for general questions, feel free to email us at info@hyperionherbs.com.  If you are attempting to treat a condition, are wondering about medicinal interactions, or need health advice, please consult a medical professional before proceeding with purchase. Also, please note we are only retailers of the herbs, not medical professionals.

Are the extracts or the capsules better?

The capsules are actually vegetarian capsules filled with the concentrated extract.  They are the same exact thing.  It is down to whether you prefer to have a powdered extract or if it is more convenient for you to take a capsule.

Do I need to take the herbs daily?

Tonic herbs serve as a helpful adjunct to things like a healthy diet, regular exercise, and good sleep. As such, they’re equally fine to take on a regular basis. The easiest comparison is to think of it like exercise, some on a regular basis is good, but you don’t want to over do it and taking a rest now and again can be helpful too.

How much do I need to take of each herb?

You can find dosage recommendations on the package as well as in the product page for each herb. However, every body is different. You may want to consult a health professional to find the right dose for you, or experiment to find what works. Our recommendations are just guidelines.

Can I combine or mix/match any of the herbs?

Yes, they all tend to blend together pretty well, feel free to experiment and find a combination that you like. Please note that by combining herbs, you may be changing the energetic signature they have on their own. You also may want to lower the dosage of each individual herb when combining them together. Any doubts or questions, just send us an e-mail or consult a health professional.

Do you offer bulk/wholesale options?

If you have a professional practice or reseller’s business, and would like a wholesale account on Hyperion Herbs, visit our wholesale page for more information and to fill out the application.

When is the best time to take herbs?

We like to take them twice a day, and if possible, on an empty stomach.  It’s a great way to get them into your system, but not required. As for when to take the herbs, it depends on the herb and how your body reacts to them.  It is best to try them in the morning first to understand them first before experimenting before bed.  The extracts, regardless of when you take them, or if your stomach is full or empty, will still be equally as effective.  It is a matter of preference and your body!

Are all the extracts on the site concentrated?

Yes, ranging anywhere from 8:1 to 16:1.

Do we ship internationally?

All of our products can be shipped internationally.  If you are unsure about your location, feel free to email us with your inquiries at info@hyperionherbs.com.

Do all of our products clear customs?

Most of them do, however, if you have any questions regarding your specific customs department, it is best to contact them directly.

What carriers do we use for shipping?

For domestic orders, we USPS.  International orders are generally shipped with Mail Innovations (which can be  tracked through UPS) then transferred to your local post. If you need a reference number for your order once it reaches its international destination, please send us an email, and we can retrieve that for you.

How can I keep my herbs fresh?

Keep them in a sealed, dry container.  You don’t have to keep them in the refrigerator, but it will not harm them to do so.

How long are my herbs good for?

We mark our products individually with the date of manufacture, but if they are kept sealed, they will last at least two years from the purchase date. Their longevity mostly depends on how they are kept.

Can I use multiple promotion codes at the same time? What about the Hyperion Academy discount?

No, only one promo code at a time, including the Hyperion Academy promotion code. As a member of Hyperion Academy, you will have a promotion code that can be used for 12% off as long as you are a member, but not in conjunct with other promotion codes we may release for Hyperion Herbs.

What are some different ways I can use the extracts?

You can take them just by putting an amount in your mouth and swishing around with water, add them directly to hot water to make a tea, add them to juices, smoothies, elixirs, teas, milks for a tasty beverage, add them to ice cream or yogurt (really!)- you can even make chocolate with them.  The possibilities are endless.  For some amazing drink recipes, check out our eBook, Blender Alchemy. http://hyperionherbs.com/shop/blender-alchemy-ebook/ Or feel free to check out the blog for some yummy custom Hyperion recipes :).

What are people saying about Hyperion Herbs?

You can check out some testimonials here and see what other people are saying. http://hyperionherbs.com/testimonials/

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