5 Reasons You Should Join Hyperion Academy Today

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I have just put the finishing touches on the BRAND NEW Hyperion Academy website and now would be a good time to explain exactly why I think you should join the hundreds of other members on HyperionAcademy.com.

1. Exclusive Discounts

As a member of the Academy, you will get 12% off all orders at Hyperion Herbs, Lucidera and Adonis.

You can also download all of my popular ebooks and audio courses including Blender Alchemy, The Way of Harmony, and Invincible Immunity for FREE. Total value of $120.

2. Empowering Education

You will get in depth module-based classes taught on a monthly basis. Learn transformative practices and expansive ways of thinking in a clear, practical teaching style that you can apply to your life today.

Also you will gain access to a vast database of articles, videos, podcasts and medicinal recipes that are not available anywhere else online.

3. Community

This includes a Monthly audio Q&A, so you can get in-depth guidance on your health, spiritual and personal development questions. I’m no longer offering personal consultations, this is the best way to get advice directly from me.

Become part of a community of positive, engaged, like-minded people. Post your own topics on forums and learn alongside each other in monthly classes.

4. Private Reserve Exclusive Products

You will get exclusive access to Hyperion Private Reserve: a line of rare, small batch, limited run, expertly crafted herbal products only available to Hyperion Academy members. Includes ancient Wild Ginseng, mystical Spirit Reishi, and much more.

5. Constant Refinement and Exploration

This site is constantly growing, expanding, and refining so that the content and context are always fresh, exciting, and engaging.

If you have studied health or personal development at all, than you have probably realized a couple of things:

1. There are no “one size fits all” approaches.

2. Things always seem to be changing, thus it is easy to get overwhelmed or lose a sense of priority and direction.

This is exactly why the main focus of the Academy is:

1. Applying and adapting natural, holistic principles to our particular lifestyle, so that we can live more authentically and abundantly.

2. Keeping it simple, relatable, and applicable, because lets face it, information is only increasing and the last thing we need is more ungrounded and unfounded abstract information. We what need is more presence and more awareness in the here and now.

Who am I? Why did I create Hyperion Academy?

Being a life-long student of Herbalism, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Meditation and Chi Gong, led me to create Hyperion Academy out of a desire to foster a tight knit community of people who aspire to use natural principles to live more authentically. My passion for Chinese Tonic Herbs led me to create three of the best online sources for holistic health products – Hyperion Herbs, Lucidera and Adonis.

I understand that true health is more than just the physical body and I use Hyperion Academy to address the complete picture, taking esoteric principles and translating them into simple strategies that are applicable to the here and now.

You can find me on YouTube, Facebook, or my websites Hyperion Herbs, Lucidera and Adonis.

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