5 Ways to Use Your Extracts

If you are new to using these concentrated extracts or a seasoned veteran, finding ways to apply them into your diet outside of making a tea or straight up eating them could be an integral part of keeping them intriguing.  Let’s be honest- if you truly love the taste of something you are eating AND it is good for you, chances are, you will remember to have them more often.  This is so important with herbs especially because in order to truly experience what they have to offer, you’ll want to take them at least once a day.  They are pretty bitter and strong for the most part, so in this article we will explore 5 different (and possibly new) vehicles to deliciously deliver these amazing supplements straight into your body.

1.  TONIC ELIXIR: I name this first for a few reasons- one being, it is definitely my favorite, and two, you then have free reign to be a mad scientist in your own kitchen. It’s your daily opportunity to create something BEAUTIFUL, and try out different combinations of teas, herbs, sweeteners, creamers, flavors, temperatures, and personalities- all tailored to you in this very moment!  Here is a simple base recipe for you go getters:

–       8-10 OZ gynostemma tea (or milk, water, ect)
–       2 scoops of whey protein (or whatever protein/creamer you may chose)
–       ½-1 TBS of coconut oil (or ghee, butter, oilive oil, fats, ect)
–       1 TBS coconut sugar (or whatever sweetener you like)
–       little bit o’ stevia
–       herbs!
–       Flavors and spices (raw cacao, vanilla bean, fruit, cinnamon, ginger, tumeric, whatever you’re into!!!)

Blend that baby up, and you got yourself a sustaining, nourishing, delicious work of art.  It will hold you over for a workout or at least a few hours of some high-energy existing.  If you would like to know some amazing herbal combinations and recipes, we’ve got a book you might like too.


2.    ICE CREAM!:  Yeah, I said it.  Well, actually, I-ce creamed it.  If you are anything like me, there is a special place in your heart for ice cream, frozen yogurt, and freezy treats of the like.  I have chosen to live my life “a la mode,” as I make no exceptions with herbal extracts.  I’ll tell you what- the very first time I had he shou wu ice cream, my life was changed, forever.  My favorite herb/ice cream combination definitely has to be Coconut Bliss’s Tahitian Vanilla with a teaspoon of he shou wu extract.  With the vanilla ice cream flavor, the he shou wu takes on a sultry, almost caramel, chocolate flavor profile- butterscotch even!  Not too sweet, it is a whirlwind of delectability.  Don’t let my suggestion limit you, for you can add them to yogurt, frozen yogurt, sweetened milks and lattes for the same effect.  Other herbs I’d suggest for this route would be chaga and mucuna because they have some great vanilla and toasty undertones.  All you need is a spoon and a smile that will open far enough to fit it into, and you are in for the yin/yang king of all treats.  If you make your own ice cream, you can add it right in the beginning of the batch!

3.    Face Mask:  Well, did you know that your skin EATS??  If you didn’t, now you do, and what a wonderful thing that could be!  First off, I want to urge you to reevaluate what you use as topical products, and also what comes in contact with your skin on a daily basis.  That being said, you can use herbs TOPICALLY and get some wonderful benefits J.  For men and women alike, skin health is important, especially for the face.  We want to constantly be nourishing, both internally and externally.

A great simple face mask recipe is as follows:

–       baking soda and or bentonite clay
–       local raw honey
–       HERBS: chaga and/or schizandra

So simple, yet amazing, spa-quality facial.  Schizandra is a renowned beauty tonic with strong astringent properties and vitamin C, and chaga has melanin, also helping to improve the skins elasticity.  Both of these herbs have been shown to reduce the signs of aging when used topically, and also are packed full of antioxidants and anti-inflammatories.

4.    Fermented Beverages?: Schizandra stands alone, flavor wise, and does not get along with other herbs when it comes to taste, in my opinion.  This amazing berry already has all 5 flavors, and leaves not much to be desired.  That being said, it’s a great herb to have alone, but if you are looking to really bring out some amazing health benefits and flavors together, put some of that into a fermented beverage!  Schizam!  Our favorite is schizandra and kombucha tea.  You can explore even further and add it to kefirs, meads, naturally fermented sodas- even wine!   This is a great way to expand not only on the flavor but also health properties of schizandra, adding a host of extra enzymes, probiotic, prebiotic, and digestive health contributors.

5.    Cooking AND Baking:  You don’t have to just drink these extracts, simply adding them to things- you can make them ingredients in your favorite recipes.  Traditionally, Chinese whole herbs are cooked in a stew with bone marrow or other broth.  Being that the extracts are already prepared, this is an unnecessary yet intelligent step.   You can add them straight into to a soup or stew to really enhance medicinal health benefits of your food.  Put them in your sauces, like moles or coulis.  You can even bake with them!  Have no limits to your exploration with tonic herbal extracts, and do not let their convenience limit you!

Have fun and be creative!  These are just 5 of a limitless wealth of opportunities to integrate tonic extracts into your daily life.  Examine some of your favorites thing to eat or even some of your hygienic routines and find ways to effortlessly expand your herbal intake.  Most importantly, have fun with it!

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