Beat The Autumn Blues and Boost your Mood with Mucuna

Mucuna is one of the worlds most euphoric mood boosting super foods which packs a legitimately potent cocktail of neuro and phytonutrients.

Mucuna is a phenomenal natural medicine for battling depression, lowering the moodiness of PMS, and overall lifting the mood so a person has lower stress, and feels calmer and happier.

Some of the neuro nutrients found in this velvet bean that are responsible for feeling really happy and lifting the mood include, L-DOPA serotonin (5HT), Oxitriptan (5-HTP), Nicotine, N,N-DMT, Bufotenin (5-HO-DMT) and 5-MeO-DMT. Because of it’s L-Dopa content an amino acid which transforms to create dopamine, Mucuna has been shown as the best way to protect the brain from developing Parkinson’s disease and to avoid the nasty side affects of the medications currently used to treat Parkinson's.

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A yang herb which feels yin…say what? 

Let’s explain what we mean that statement. Generally yang is associated with warming the body, moving fluids and blood so they don’t get stuck, adding force and energy, and increasing the sex drive through it’s strengthening of the kidney yang.

Yin herbs generally focus more on calming, through their nourishment of blood, fluids and yin (nutritive aspect), and therefore induce a relaxation affect that is the opposite of feeling stimulated. They tend to be thicker and more sticky in nature similar to the very things they nourish(organs, blood).

Usually herbs which boost kidney yang have a warming, drying, and stimulating affect which can induce anxiety, mania, excessive body heat, or aggressiveness if not balanced with the correct herbs, or taken in too high a dosage.

Mucuna is shown to boost the sexual function of both sexes while significantly increasing sperm count in men. It naturally releases HGH (human growth hormone) and has recently been researched for helping people build lean muscle mass, increase testosterone, and overcome fatigue. These are all very yang attributes.

Uniquely it is one of the few herbs that strengthen the yang energy without creating more heat, agitation or inducing over stimulation. Mucuna naturally increases the yang functions of the body such as libido, energy, reproductive fertility, and vital hormones but instead of over stimulating you, it makes you sleep better, relaxes your mind, and improves meditation and mindfulness; all qualities of yin! With Mucuna you are truly receiving the best of both worlds with none of the unbalancing side affects of an herb that is too strong in one direction.

Mucuna is an exotically daring way to set the mood for a date, bring a new level of stamina and intensity to the bedroom, and to overall feel confident, happy and relaxed before any stressful or anxiety producing situations.

Dream Big or don’t……

Mucuna has been shown to not only increase the quality of sleep but also to induce clearer more lucid dreams. More and more people are currently learning and exploring techniques to reach a lucid dream state and to utilize sleep as time to acquire knowledge and wisdom. If any of this spikes your interest Mucuna is a MUST TRY as it quite potently raises the bar of what is possible in dream life.

 Getting high on the downlow

It is a natural tendency for humans to seek altered states of mind yet our culture either blatantly glorifies an excess of intoxication or creates a veil of shame around it. Because most people like to feel as good as possible, but not everyone wants to feel hung-over or develop addiction problems we think it is really smart to have a few go to herbs that are really fun to take recreationally, and will get you as close as you can get to an altered state without any of the negative side affects of partying too hard. Mucuna is a great tool to have in the tool kit when it comes to finding healthier alternatives to altered states consciousness. Of course, if you’re looking to go……way out there, Mucuna won’t do that but perhaps the truth lays somewhere along the middle path?

Thank you for taking the time to read about this phenomenal super food!

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