Benefits Of Cordyceps Sinensis

To date, the medical recognition of cordyceps mushrooms spans fifteen hundred years already. It originated from the Shepherds in Tibetan mountains that discovered the use of the mushroom to cure problems with organ functions, immune system and on well-being and general strength of people. The positive effects were first noticed on the cattle that were being tended in the mountains of Tibet.

Upon discovering that it also has a positive effect on human health, the popularity of the cordyceps mushroom increased and the mushroom was further studied. It was later found out that the mushrooms are also excellent cure for asthma, coughs, chest congestion, wheezing, weak lungs and shortness of breathing.

People who wanted to boost their energy weakened by respiratory problems can resort to taking cordyceps. This could enhance their vitality and perform better in physical labor, activity and sport. In ancient medicine, cordyceps was used in the treatment of an overall fatigue, debilitation and weakness. The fungus was also used in stimulating energy to help a person perform activities required and also helps in facilitating deep and restful sleep.

Cordyceps is also served as an aphrodisiac that maximizes sexual performance and desire. In ancient Chinese, Cordyceps was used to cure males with erectile problems. It was also able to treat problems with infertility and impotence. The fungus also helps slow down the process of aging by rejuvenating the body thus encouraging life’s longevity. It helps in rebuilding physical potency and acts against stressors that hasten the aging process of cells. It is an extremely potent antioxidant that helps in addressing problems on degenerative illnesses.

It also has the capacity to lower the bad LDL cholesterol in the body and increase the HDL level. This benefit helps in reducing illnesses like strokes or heart diseases. The Cordyceps mushroom helps in thinning the blood clots or formation of plaques that clogs the blood vessels. Moreso, the mushroom had been used in treatment problems of kidney malfunction.

Remarkably, research in China during the 70’s showed that the Cordyceps helps in restraining cancer cells. It aids in the reduction of tumors and also assists in the coping ability of people undergoing radiation treatment and chemotherapy.

Cordyceps is also considered a culinary delicacy in China and is used in soups and brews with poultry and pork. But since it is highly priced because of scarcity, the mushroom is only available and accessible to the wealthy in China during the ancient times. The Chinese had been using Cordyceps mushroom as part of their traditional medicines for centuries already.

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