Black Ginger Extract Benefits for Circulation and Exercise Performance

 Today I want to dive into the unique benefits of my favorite herb for increased exercise performance and endurance: Black Ginger. Not only can Black Ginger Extract take your physical exercise and energy to the next level, it has a host of other holistic health benefits.

Benefits of Black Ginger Extract May Include:

  • Increased exercise performance
  • Improved muscular endurance
  • Enhanced sexual function
  • Inflammation relief
  • Improved energy metabolism
  • Improved circulation (relief from cold hands and feet)
  • Digestive aid
  • Enhanced nitric oxide production

Black Ginger has been used traditionally in Thailand for over a thousand years. It was typically prepared as a medicinal tea for energy enhancement, digestive relief, and its libido boosting properties.

Today modern science and the increased potency achieved through high quality hot water extraction are shedding new light on the health benefits of Black Ginger Extract. In this blog I want to focus on two of the unique properties of this herb: its ability to improve circulation, and its ability to increase exercise performance.

Why Circulation Matters - And How Black Ginger Can Help

Black Ginger Extract is one of the best herbs you can take to benefit your blood circulation and the health of your overall circulatory system, particularly your heart. Healthy circulation means you will maintain even blood and oxygen flow throughout your body, which will allow your lungs, heart and muscles to function properly and efficiently. Quality circulation benefits not just the heart, but all of the organs in the body, partly because efficient circulation helps remove waste that’s created by the different organs.

Circulation is also a critical component of a strong immune system. Good circulation ensures the white blood cells in your immune system will be transported around the body as needed, fighting potential diseases and sicknesses.

If you suffer from cold hands or feet, inflammation, edema/swelling, or other symptoms of poor circulation, Black Ginger Extract may be a potent tool to consider. One week long human clinical trial conducted with 14 different subjects found that peripheral blood circulation and peripheral vasculature (shape and arrangement of the blood vessels themselves) improved markedly with daily consumption of Black Ginger Extract.

The study found that peripheral blood circulation improved 57.1% and 50.0% after 1 hour and 1 week of daily intake of Black Ginger Extract respectively. Afterwards, a questionnaire was conducted to evaluate the subjective experience of the study participants. Most responded that their symptoms of edema, poor circulation, feeling of dry skin and their energy levels noticeably improved.

Boost Your Energy, Endurance, and Exercise Performance

Not only is Black Ginger Extract a potent tonic for the circulatory system, but it has also been shown to have remarkable effects on energy, endurance, and exercise performance. Recent studies have shown that Black Ginger Extract can help enhance energy production by improving your body’s response to glucose, lactic acid, and lipid metabolism.

Another study suggests that Black Ginger can boost your workout routine in an even more direct way: consumption of Black Ginger Extract was found to enhance fitness in specific areas such as grip strength, leg strength, balance, endurance, and locomotive activity.

Black Ginger Extract’s anti-inflammatory effects may also aid in relieving muscle pains, joint stiffness, or other recovery issues that may be holding you back. Combine this with the increased energy that results from better circulation, and you have a potent herb for taking your workouts and exercise to the next level.


Black Ginger Extract is a potent tonic herb for improving circulation and boosting your energy levels, endurance, and exercise performance. Black Ginger also has a host of other holistic health benefits such as relieving inflammation, enhancing libido/sexual function, and aiding in Digestion. You can learn more about Black Ginger Extract by visiting its product page in the Hyperion Herbs store here. 


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