Can He Shou Wu Really Reverse Gray Hair?

Numerous tales and legends exist in Chinese culture speak of the impact of He Shou Wu or Ho Shou Wu in reversing grey hair. One legend goes that a Chinese general was locked up in a cell for one year and yet still he managed to survive just by eating the roots of He Shou Wu. Not only did the general just survive, but also all the grey hair on his head had become black once again! This is just one of the many stories that are attached to the benefits of He Shou Wu.

Stories are fine, they are interesting to read and provide consolation to many. However, can He Shou Wu really reverse grey hair? Is there any evidence to prove this or do we have to rely purely on the legend and hope that our hair will become black again?

This was precisely the question asked by scientist and researchers when they first heard about He Shou Wu. We are literate beings and it does not make sense to believe in legends and stories. We must confirm the facts before we commit to any kind of medicine. Thus, numerous studies were conducted to observe the impact of He Shou Wu on grey hair. One study comprised of testing the effects of the herb on 36 people with grey hair. There were positive results among 32 of the subjects. This means that the success rate was close to ninety percent. This is an excellent result and few other medicines in the world have been so successful in reversing grey hair.

So let us take a look at how exactly He Shou Wu works to reverse grey hair does. The body is a complex system comprising of different processes. When one system is affected, the others start suffering. If the body is constantly subjected to stress, then the body starts to get tired and depleted of key nutrients and minerals. When the body is constantly tired, it thinks that it has grown old and starts to release hormones which make an individual look old. This causes wrinkles to set in and the hair to become sparse and grey.

When He Shou Wu gets to work, the body feels energized. He Shou Wu removes toxins from the body and improves circulation. This means that each cell of the body receives sufficient oxygen. Suddenly, the body feels younger and starts releasing hormones that are released during young age. New hair cycles begin and the grey hair is reversed! The skin starts to glow and the individual looks younger and fresher!

Thus, He Shou Wu may be able to reverse grey hair – but you must also incorporate the lifestyle changes that are needed to do so. Eat fresh healthy food, exercise, and rest well for the best results of He Shou Wu.

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