Can One Herb Do It All?

First we should begin this article by asking a couple of questions.

Is it possible for one herb to do it all?

If so, how could this be possible and what basis does this have?

The answer to the first question is a strong YES.

There is one herb that can pretty much do it all and that herb is of course Schizandra.

Here’s The Story

I’ve been in love with the Schizandra Berry from the very first taste. This was well over 7 years ago and ever since that moment I have been on the hunt for the absolute realest and most potent Schizandra product. Over these past 7 years I have tried every product on the market, ranging from the dried berries, to tinctures, to teas, and to powdered extracts. The problem was that none of these products could truly capture the real essence and personality of this amazing herb, thus none of these products delivered on the magic and potency this herb can deliver.

Long story short, after all of these years of searching I feel that I have finally found the product that I have been questing for all of this time. A product, which truly encapsulates, communicates, and delivers all of the magic Schizandra is capable of.

How Schizandra Does It all

Schizandra is completely magical and unique because it is the only thing I know of that actually contains all five flavors. Now this is important to note because in Chinese Medicine each flavor corresponds to an element, which corresponds to an organ system. Five flavors, five elements, and five major organ systems. So we can say that since Schizandra contains all five flavors, it affects all five organs. This also means that Schizandra directly affects all twelve meridians and why we can say that Schizandra does it all.

Now that we understand what makes this herb so unique and special, let’s take a look at each of the five elements and see how Schizandra influences that element and that organ system.

Flavor: Sweet (found in skin of fruit)

Organ: Spleen

Element: Earth

Connection:  The spleen is responsible for the intake, processing and shipping out of food and fluids of the body.  It is the organ that is responsible for taking food qi, which is the highest revered qi by Traditional Chinese Medicine, and making it useful to our bodies.  The spleen is also responsible for the manufacturing of blood and its retention its vessels.  In a similar light, the Earth element is associated with nourishment, as well as staying grounded and connected.  Schizandra and its sweet element tucked away so seductively in its skin provides to “astringe jing.”  This means that it dries up any excess fluids, aiding issues dealing with diarrhea, frequent urination, excess vaginal fluid, premature ejaculation, water weight or excess sweating.  As the spleen also governs gastro-intestinal fluids, and it is the epicenter of generating qi, blood and other bodily fluids, schizandra is often used in many blood building and moving formulas.  The spleen and schizandra are a perfect pilot and co-pilot in sending nutrients through your heart, out to the four limbs and to the rest of your body.

Flavor: Pungent (found in seed)

Organ: Lung

Element: Metal

Connection:  The lungs, otherwise known as the canopy of the organs, are the control tower of qi.  The ability to effectively translate air qi helps to disperse it throughout your whole body.  Metal is the element of retreat and withdrawal, inducing the reputation of refinement and self-esteem.  The lungs are directly connected to the skin and hair, as they are outward indicators of the flow of oxygen throughout your system.  Nourishing one affects the other and vice versa.  Schizandra has been used for centuries as a skin and beauty tonic, helping oxygen and moisture circulate through your cells.  Schizandra is also utilized for its anti-asthmatic effects, helping to ail wet coughs, wheezing and protecting against inflammation of the bronchial tree.  This lung astringent quality can not only be witnessed through a deeper inhale, but also in the movement of oxygen through your cells, making its way out to more radiant hair and skin overtime.

Flavor: Salty (throughout whole fruit)

Organ: Kidney

Element: Water

Connection:  The kidneys are the root and reservoir of all the body’s energy and qi.  Strong and healthy kidney function lead to a healthy and long life.  All fluids pass through the kidneys, and as schizandra is both an astringent and a demulcent, it helps to balance these fluids, taking stress off of the kidneys.  The kidneys are the treasure chests of jing, and are responsible for dispersion of jing.  Water is the element of collective intelligence and DNA, as it is associated with the will to sustain our bodies, sexual vigor and tenacity of the mind.  This all easily connects with the kidneys and jing.  Jing, being the essence of life, is known to be lost through ejaculation for men.  Schizandra helps to build water qi in the kidneys, helping to sustain sexual endurance in men, build fluids and sensitivity in women and create abundantly more sexual energy for both parties.  This is also supplemental to schizandra being a powerful herbal aphrodisiac.

Flavor: Sour (found in skin)

Organ: Liver

Element: Wood

Connection:  The liver is responsible for preventing the stagnation of qi throughout your internal organs and meridians.  Wood is the element of growth, change and expansion, initiating movement with the will to create and procreate.  The liver governs creative energy, as harboring anger and stress will counteract and desecrate the liver.  Schizandra helps to protect you from stress on both the internal systems and emotional forefront.  Schizandra is also known for its liver cleansing properties, containing various lignans that help to prevent liver damage, stimulate liver repair and enact normal liver function.  Liver energy is stored in the genital organs, and schizandra is not only a powerful liver antioxidant, but also used avidly as a sexual tonic.  As previously stated, schizandra helps to optimize the male erection and female arousal, as your liver energy will also be vitalized.

Flavor: Bitter (found in seed)

Organ: Heart

Element: Fire

Connection:  The heart is the residence of Shen, which is one of the three treasures, and the spiritual aspect of a human being.  In other words, it harbors the mind within your heart, as it does your heart within your mind.  The yin within the yang.  The yang within the yin.  Finding fluid and full control of your heart creates compassion and patience.  The heart is viewed as the organizing principle of your being, as Shen helps to direct qi throughout our physical, mental and emotional states of being.  Shen can be seen through the quality of our thoughts and the function of our minds.  Just as schizandra has been seen to have a normalizing effect on the cardiovascular system and blood pressure, mental function has been seen to achieve similar attributes.  Schizandra has been taken for mental clarity and agility, shown to improve concentration and induce a wakeful focus without the stimulant effects.  As the element of fire helps to bring your being into full-expansion through love and compassion, schizandra has the same effects on Shen.

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