Cleansing with Chaga Mushroom

Cleansing and Detoxing

Tonic Herbs offer a myriad of benefits, but one commonality with all tonic herbs is their ability to cleanse and detox the body.  Daily use of any tonic herb would aid the body in the removal of toxins and stagnation.  In order for an herb to be considered “tonic,” it must be non-toxic.

This means that these herbs are entering your systems, removing toxins, strengthening the functions of the organs that work to remove toxins, and adding absolutely no toxicity or additives that would inhibit these processes.  Across the board, tonic herbs are anti-bacterial, anti-oxidative, anti-fungal, anti-viral, and immune supportive.  The fun part is, you are then able to choose the one that is right for your body, and receive these benefits and more- and you can maintain the lifestyle that keeps you balanced, without the radical and unbalancing cleansing regimens.

A Common Misconception

Many people begin their journey with tonic herbs with many questions, but one of the most common is, “are there any side effects?”  The answer is generally no.  In order for an herb to be considered “tonic,” it must be non-toxic, thus unable to produce the harmful or unforeseeable side effects that some “medicines” may cause.  On this note, if you are on medications, it always best to consult with a physician before beginning to take any herb or supplement.

What many people may experience when beginning to take tonic herbs are actually detox symptoms.  Being that these herbs are so powerful and able to remove toxins from your body, it is common to experience the toxins leaving your body, especially if it is your first time taking them.  It is always important to balance with a healthy diet, good drinking water, and an active lifestyle to get the most out of your herbs and help to support what your body wants to naturally do – which is gentle cleansing and daily detox!

Cleansing with Chaga

When it comes to cleansing, chaga mushroom is the top choice. This is because chaga is the most powerful herbal antioxidant on the planet!  In fact, its 25% antioxidant makeup is 23% higher than any other mushroom.  This powerful adaptogen is found on birch tress, making this herb rich in betulinic acid. Unfortunately, we cannot eat the birch tree and digest betulin, but chaga can successfully “milk” the birch, making this amazing acid available to us.  Betulin is an anti-mutagenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, and immune-modulating substance.

Chaga also contains staggeringly high levels of superoxide dismutase, or SOD, that is second to none.  SOD protects our bodies from free radicals and cell oxidation, which not only secures you from environmental damage, but aging as well.  The levels of SOD and betulinic acid are not found anywhere else at the bio-availability that they are found in chaga, making this herb very special and unique, as well as a front-runner when it comes to cleansing.

Chaga is one of our favorite herbs for cleansing, but all tonic herbs have detoxifying properties!  Tonic herbs inhibit toxins from drying up and stagnating within our bodies, and also are able to tenaciously remove them DAILY, without the need of a dramatic cleansing or major lifestyle change.


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