Confronting Seasonal Depression, Stress, and Nonexistent Sex Drive

According to one study done in 2012, by the British journal of psychiatry, one of the best ways to improve depression is to get regular sunlight directly on the skin everyday. Because we get less of this during this time of year many of us are prone to a seasonal depression.

This being said, you may still find yourself feeling a little under the weather on certain days. This is a normal and natural cycle of life, which should be embraced and fully felt, rather than pushed aside. According to an article published in 2002 in the journal of “Biological Psychiatry, “Mesolimbic dopamine deficiency is a vital factor in the development of specific symptoms of depression, in particular anhedonia, which is the inability to experience pleasure, and loss of motivation.”

Being depressed and stressed in these ways is emotionally and energetically draining. This can make the difference between showing up or staying in bed. It can make the difference between you building or losing momentum in regards to your life goals. It can make or break a workout routine, derail you from your spiritual practice, and negatively affect the relationships in your life as well as make a healthy sexual life the last of priorities.


One of the best herbs for working through these inevitable feelings is Mucuna. Mucuna extract is known to relieve depression, when it is a depression due to dopamine deficiency, increases testosterone in men and balances sexual energy in both men and woman. It is a time honored aphrodisiac according to ancient Ayurveda which has used it to prevent and treat Parkinson’s, as well as supplement for impotency and lack of sexual vigor. Furthermore, it is a neurological protectant and is still used clinically to treat Parkinson disease. According to Skukla’s 2007 clinical study,

“On the basis of the afore-stated facts, it may be proposed that increased dopamine level in the brain may not only optimize the release of hormones, including testosterone, leading to increased sexual drive and improved performance, but it may also accomplish reduction of psychological stress.”

The scientific mechanism of this herbs action is illustrated in the same study. “It has been reported recently that l-DOPA and its metabolite dopamine stimulate the hypothalamus and forebrain to secrete gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH) This, in turn, upregulates the anterior pituitary gland to secrete follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH) causing increased synthesis of testosterone by Leydig cells of the testis” (Shukla 2007)

Something I personally love about Mucuna is that it’s an herb that’s best taken a few times a week rather than everyday. This makes it last a long time and makes it a special occasion every time you break it out.  I have noticed it works quickly, effectively, and enables a deep, restful, sleep.

If you haven’t tried Mucuna yet, it’s absolutely worth trying, and tis the season. Mucuna is relatively inexpensive for the amount of benefits it boasts and mixes excellent in coffee, tea, elixirs, and chocolate with its slightly sweet, vanilla-like taste! This is a cool way to make holiday family time a little more fun, and for many of us, manageable:)

So because we love this herb so much as it can be such a MAJOR mood booster, we offer only the HIGHEST quality Mucuna extract available which has been praised by friends, family, and now our extended family of clients:)

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