Cordyceps Mushroom For Jing Building

Cordyceps Mushroom is one of the most famous and highly regarded of the tonic herbs. It is classified as a tonic to the jing energy, in both its yin and yang aspects. While building jing, cordyceps is also used to fortify the chi energy of the body. This is why cordyceps can have such amazing effects on our physical being. In modern times it is most popularly taken to help strengthen athletic performance, reduce stress and fatigue, enhance our sexual lives, and provide more usable energy.  These modern applications happen to be deeply rooted translation in Traditional Chinese Medicine and that is what we will explore in this article.

What is Jing?

If you had a car, there would be three elements that are necessary to properly run the vehicle.  You, the driver, are obviously one, and the car itself, would be another. However, it is the engine and the fuel that truly make the vehicle stand alone as a functioning machine- it is what gives life to what would otherwise be a seemingly useless collection of metal and parts.  Likewise, jing is our essence- our life that was endowed into being at birth.  To a plant, it is what sprouts the seed.  It is our drive- our instinctual will to live and thrive.  Jing is what fuels our sexuality and makes reproduction possible.  It is our spark that engages the internal flame.  We are bestowed with our maximum allotted jing at birth, and naturally, as time moves along and other elements are introduced, jing slowly deteriorates as only death can ensure its final demise.  However, it is possible to preserve this fire and even build it overtime.

Yin and Yang

The classic symbol of yin and yang is used to depict the darkness and the light- the two sides of every coin.

Yin is the darkness, representing our bodies and matter.  It embodies reception and the ability to exist and channel energy.  Yin is cooling.  It controls the fluids in your body and is connected to the moon, meditation, sleep and relaxation.

Yang represents light.  It is “the creative.”  It controls the breath and creative energies, representing the ephemeral.  Yang is warming, fueling fire and vitality.  Yang is related to the sun and energetically connected to both the mind through inspiration and imagination.

Jing is the speck of white in a sea of black, as it is the speck of black in the sea of white.  Just as your eye gets caught at this point in contrast, jing is a high-energy magical source of life, burning like the core in the Earth itself.   When you nourish the jing of both yin and yang, the benefits are seen through the balancing of elements that they relate to.

Cordyceps and Yin Jing

Cordyceps nourishes yin jing, tonifying the kidneys and helping to circulate fluids throughout your body.  This can be seen in blood circulation, as well as increases in potency for males and fertility and fluids in females. Cordyceps also improves oxygen utilization and reducing stress and fatigue.  Revered as an anti-inflammatory, this herb embodies the cooling aspects of yin.  Through a natural utilization of ATP energy, a deeper sleep and relaxation can also be achieved.  Yin is our body, and cordyceps extends on a deeply nourishing level to nurture our yin jing.

Cordyceps and Yang Jing

Yang jing is nourished through the energy of our breath and core.  Cordyceps tonifies the lungs and helps us to use oxygen more efficiently.  Increased sexual energy and ATP can be seen in both the bedroom and the athletic outlet.  Cordyceps also helps to stabilize the heartbeat, which is connected to the fire element and is a full-on yang organ.  Immune system-modulation and the anti-oxidative properties of this herb also promote yang jing health.  When it comes to fueling your internal flame, cordyceps has been revered as a renowned tonic for vitality and longevity, helping to truly get in touch with yang jing.

In conclusion, this tonic herb helps to balance these energies and promote homeostasis.  Cordyceps can be used to defend your vitality and transform the garden of your jing into full bloom.

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