Escaping The Matrix


Its important to have teachers and learn from others experience, but we should realize that only we can walk our path. We can’t walk someone else’s and no one can walk ours for us. Thus our goal should be to break out of the paradox and the hypnotic trance of symbolic conceptual reality for ourselves so that we can actually begin to taste reality.

The problem with most gurus and authorities

Scholar vs Practicioner
Talkers vs Doers

Like learning about business in a college course from someone who has never ran a successful business.

Like thinking you know a lot about food and cooking because you read a cookbook. Until you’ve actually tasted and touch the food, you don’t know.

Jonny One Note

Common thread:

Being trapped and imprisoned in the symbolic conceptual aspect of reality.

Missing the finger for the moon. Eating the menu instead of the meal.

In other words, thinking the symbol is the actual thing, thus missing out on the actual existential feeling aspect of reality.

In other words, still under a deep hypnotic trance by the linguistic symbolic aspect of reality.

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