Facts about Magnesium Oil

Magnesium oil helps individuals supply their magnesium deficiency. Magnesium is a nutritional component that is essential for the body to absorb the nutrients of other minerals. It would be impossible for other minerals to serve its purpose without the help of magnesium. Its importance has been proven in several studies. Not only in helping the absorption of nutrients, magnesium also aids in facilitating muscle movement, supporting the immune system and making the conveying of brain messages to other body parts possible.

Though known to many as magnesium oil, in reality it is not oil. Its hygroscopic nature which gives it an oil-like texture gives the conception and the name “oil”. It is composed of magnesium chloride solution that is highly saturated and mixed with water and other trace elements. Magnesium oil is very effective massage oil. It relaxes the muscles and removes the spasms and muscle knots. Usage frequency will depend on the individual’s level of need. Since magnesium oil is taken externally it is best to observe first the skin and body reaction if taken once a day. It is ideal for the first 2 to 3 months to use it daily with intensity. Ideal dosage when starting to use it is one ounce to two ounces a day applied directly to the skin.

Dosage amount may gradually increase if no side effects appear. Initial use of magnesium oil will repair and restore cells that lack magnesium. Frequency of usage will all depend on the person using it as each responds differently. Diet and stress affects the magnesium levels in the cells and should also be considered when taking the wonder oil. People who are engaged in any form of detoxification procedure should consider increasing the frequency of the oil usage.

There are several procedures of using magnesium oil. Some people prefer to spray it directly to their skin. This method is the most economical and efficient; also it maximizes the benefits a person could get. Spraying the oil to the body can be done either on selected areas or to the whole body. Isolated areas such as joints, thighs, abdomen, legs and arms are usually selected for the purpose of relaxing tensed muscles or muscle sore.

Rub and massage it to the affected area for the skin to easily absorb the nutrients. You could either leave the oil on the skin or wipe it off using moist cloth. Spraying the oil into the whole body is more relaxing because the effect is holistic. After spraying the oil, wrap the whole body with dry towel and lie down for around 30 minutes, just to give time for the body to absorb all the nutrients. Tub soak and foot soak are other methods of using magnesium oil.

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