Featured Herb: He Shou Wu

As the seasons change and it becomes colder we are exposed to less sunlight and our bodies require more yin foods for us to stay warm, properly moisturized, and feeling emotionally vital. Here are a few ways in which He Shou Wu protects us during the colder seasons, facilitates thick, wholesome hair, nails, and encourages youthful features.

  1. TOP Blood Building Herb, Especially For Vegetarians and Vegans

He Shou Wu is one of the TOP natural blood builders known to man. Due to the ancient Chinese’s wisdom about aging gracefully through the seasons, He Shou Wu has traditionally been used to nourish and build blood, which, in the traditional Chinese context prevents greying and falling out of hair. Loaded with iron, and zinc and categorically placed as a superior blood building adaptogen, He Shou Wu supports the liver in maintaining appropriate blood, while possessing beautifying qualities. Vegetarians and vegans are most prone to blood deficiency due to the lack of blood building foods in their diet. He Shou Wu is an excellent animal product free choice to supplement with as a vegetarian or vegan, or anyone who would like to maintain adequate and healthy blood.  Having enough blood is important for long term heart health, and regulation of blood pressure.

  1. Calms the Nervous System and Relieves Stress

In Chinese medicine the liver stores the blood which gets sent out to nourish the rest of the body. If someone does not have adequate blood they cannot feel full of life. Emotionally they become apathetic, their skin is pale, their hair is dull and lacks luster, and their nails become weak.  Someone with these symptoms generally has trouble sleeping well, and are all around anxious and moody. Bloods close association to yin in Chinese medicine explains this phenomenon. Yin herbs are more associated with sticky, thick substances that are loaded with nutrients and strongly supplement dryness. Because of their heavier nature they ground the persons nervous system through insulation of this highly electrically charged system.  When a person doesn’t possess the nutrients to ground their nervous system, the yang energy rises making people irritable and grumpy.  A great way to stay emotionally content throughout the season, grounded, and lower unnecessary stress is to make sure that you are receiving more yin like quality herbs during the winter season.

  1. Regular Elimination = Year Round Detoxification

People who go to the bathroom on a regular basis are far healthier, happier, and literally less full of crap! He Shou Wu moistens the intestines allowing bowel movements to move smoothly and regularly throughout the digestive tract. Because of it’s high levels of antioxidants and it’s ability to enable regular bowel movements, He Shou Wu is both highly nourishing and strengthening, while being detoxifying at the same time, a rare quality for such a powerhouse nutrient dense herb.

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