Feelings of Medicinal Mushrooms

At Hyperion, we are very interested in the science behind medicinal mushrooms, and why they are so beneficial for longevity. Many of our posts incorporate those aspects, and while this is useful in understanding their medicinal mechanisms, there is something more that gives these medicines such exotic and interesting personalities.

I want to delve into the nuances between each of the medicinal mushrooms at Hyperion and share details of my sensations and feelings that arise from consuming these herbs. Part of what makes herbalism fun and interesting is that when you consume different herbs, they can produce noticeable changes in consciousness. For someone new to experimenting with medicinal mushrooms and those who have their own experiences alike, I want to offer “sensation reports.” From an educators standpoint, it is important to start with the clinical and scientific evidence because it has provided us with physical proof that validates our investments in both our health and our wallets. Additionally, this is necessary with a growing and saturated market.

However, I wanted to offer you a less spoken about perspective- something fun to chew on and be mindful of in your own experience with the herbs. I have briefly detailed the differences in user sensations between each of our medicinal mushrooms extracts. Before reading on, please keep in mind that these are highly subjective to me as an individual, and some others who have shared similar feelings. As always, herbs and natural products affect people differently, so until you have your own experience, this information is not definitive.

Reishi: An immediate relief. A very pleasant feeling and sense of well-being. If stressed or emotionally distraught, there is a nurturing aspect which kicks in shortly after consumption. There is a meditative awareness and a deepened sense of calmness that arises. It feels namely grounding. Incredible companion for mediation/yoga/qi gong, and as a stress-management herb, emotionally and mentally. Particularly useful prior to public speaking events to curb anxiety. Reishi has also helped me tremendously with insomnia. Therapeutic doses taken daily for a week can have an initial sedative effect, yet overall daily energy increases. It lifts the mood via stress support, while deepening intuition and awareness. Slightly dream-like state, but also a keen clear-headedness. I commonly feel not only more intelligent and sharp on Reishi, but also more connected to my intuition, making better decisions in my everyday life and feeling more in a go-with-the-flow state.


Chaga: Perhaps the intermediary between Reishi and Cordyceps, Chaga offers a slight pick me up, or immediate energy, while also offering adaptogenic stress relief. I would describe this feeling as a subtle, smooth and calming energy. Very mellow yet somewhat more stimulating and eye-brightening in higher doses. Another aspect of Chaga is an immediate clear-headed feeling. Thoughts flow more clearly and there is a heightened sense of awareness. I can only attribute this to getting the fog off the brain. Lifts mood via cognitive energy and calms the body. Enables a feeling of energetic insulation, which corresponds with its oxidative protective qualities and lessening the harmful effects of pollutants and free radicals. When new to the herb, the first week or two may induce detoxifying feelings since it is so antioxidant. However, also being strong anti-inflammatory, the detox may be less felt in the body. Immune system always feels heightened when regularly taking chaga, which helps to proactively energize my day-to-day and resistance to illness. Great companion for changes in season and weather.


Cordyceps: Personally, this feels like nutritive rocket fuel. Slightly euphoric, a clear, concentrated, focused energy. Noticeable increased mental/athletic stamina, including the ability to concentrate and retain information. I would even go so far as to say it improves motivation. Although it is the most immediately energizing of the mushrooms we offer, you may also notice overall stress relief, yet less on a calming way like reishi, and more on an overall feeling of nourishment. In particular, this is useful when running a full schedule or needing to have extra energy because of strenuous activity, both mental and physical. If Reishi is on one end of the spectrum producing a very yin-like feeling, Cordyceps would be on the other feeling very yang, which correlates with it’s TCM category placement of tonify yang. For people who enjoy activities that increase heart rates, this herb has particularly helped regulate the breath work. Absolutely top for yoga, martial arts, running, swimming, and hiking- even less taxing breath work like meditation. I feel like I get more bang out of my breath.


It can be interesting to mix and match each of these herbs together once you are familiar with their individual properties and effects on your body. Just take note that the combination of herbs make take on new energies and feelings, and as always, consult a health or wellness professional with formula questions unique to your body. I highly recommend using these herbs as a means to optimize your performance in various settings, and to accentuate your natural gifts so that the world may benefit from them. It has been a pleasure sharing my experience with you, and hopefully you have been given a less spoken of understanding of the subtle variations between these powerful medicines.

Thanks for reading this far, I appreciate your time, energy, and support! Hopefully this article has been helpful.

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