Fight Aging with He Shou Wu

Fight Aging with He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu, or polygonum multiflorum, is a medicinal vine also known as fleece flower. He Shou Wu is native to Southern and Central China and parts of Japan. It usually grows 2-4 meters tall on woody tubers. It is the tuber, or root of the he shou wu plant that is used medicinally. The herb undergoes traditional preparation by slicing the roots immediately after it had been harvested. The sliced roots are then cooked along with black bean soup with 10 parts He Shou Wu and 1 part black beans soup ratio. After the liquid cooks off, the roots are dried. The roots can then be used in cooking, to make teas, tinctures, or extracts to serve as a tonic that can be used for a wide variety of ailments. This traditional process has been used for many generations. He Shou Wu is said to have many health benefits and has become quite popular all over the world. It is one of the most powerful tonic herbs and is used to treat significant number of illnesses. One of the main benefits of he shou wu is its ability to fight aging.


He Shou Wu: A Powerful Anti-Aging Tonic Herb

He Shou Wu is best known as an anti-aging herb. It promotes longevity and helps its users retain a youthful appearance. He Shou Wu is especially useful in preventing hair loss and graying of hair. People who have used the herb had seen a significant improvement of their gray hair and notice that the hair returns to its original color.

There is a Chinese legend that speaks of a man who was of a feeble constitution. He drank far too much and suffered from impotency. Because of this, he never got married. By the time he was in his fifties, his hair had almost completely turned white. One day, the man went up into the mountains and fell asleep in the forest, drunk. When he awoke, he saw a strange vine with which he was not familiar. He decided to dig up the vine and take it home.

A sage told the man that the plant was a celestial gift and would perhaps make him strong and potent. The man ate the root of the vine and began to feel vibrant and rejuvenated after just seven days. Over the next few months, he continued to eat the root every morning and became incredibly strong and started having frequent and powerful sexual urges. The color began to return to his hair and it became jet black again. He got married and fathered several sons. His sons also consumed the herb and they too were very healthy and strong. One of the sons had a son who then became the head of the family. His name was He Shou Wu. It means ‘Mr. He with black hair’ – He Shou Wu had jet black hair even when he was 130 years old.


The Medicinal Benefits of He Shou Wu

He Shou Wu has been much praised in traditional Chinese cultures for its ability to improve sexual performance and retain youth. It is a potent anti-aging herb which increases fertility. It improves blood circulation and thus results in an increased libido. Many clinical studies have been undertaken to confirm the medicinal uses of He Shou Wu. He Shou Wu is used as a tonic that improves overall health, supports the endocrine glands, improves resistance to disease, and boosts stamina. It fortifies and revitalizes the kidneys and the liver, balancing the hormones and cleansing the body of impurities. These organs then cleanse the blood of its impurities and ultimately help the body to get rid of toxic substances. He shou wu is also an antioxidant, which protects the body from the damage of free radicals. It can even reduce cholesterol because of its lecithin content.

He Shou Wu has been studied thoroughly and has shown ability to promote proper generation of red blood cells, improve the cardiovascular system, enhance the immune system, slow degeneration, increase antioxidant activity in the body, and reduce the risk of cancer. In animal tests, the herb has observed slowing down the aging process of vital organs, especially the ovary, reproductive organs, testicle and uterus. This same effect had been noted to studies conducted on human.


The Connection Between Stress and Aging

Finally, He Shou Wu is adaptogenic. This means that it adapts to the needs of the human body. If there is any imbalance in the body, then he Shou Wu works to sort out the imbalance and brings the body back to the ‘normal’ or homeostasis. Stress can significantly speed up the aging process, but adaptogens like He Shou Wu help the body to deal with both internal and external, or environmental stress.

He Shou Wu is an excellent choice to restore jing, build blood, balance hormones, gently cleanse the kidneys and liver, support fertility, and bring balance to the body. With its longevity-boosting properties, He Shou Wu is a powerful tonic herb used to promote youthfulness and fight aging.


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