Gynostemma Spotlight

Gynostemma Spotlight 

In Chinese medicine the autumn season is associated with the metal element.  It is a time of alchemy and transformation as we identify and let go of that which no longer serves us. During this season, it is easy to become prone to the emotion of grief, worry, and depression, as the nature of metal is sadness, and when it’s correspondent organ of the lungs are not balanced according to the external nature of the season, emotional stagnation results.

During this season it is encouraged to slow down, take days where you rest quietly and not exert too much energy externally, but balance it with days where you are active. This requires a careful balance of nourishment versus exertion with a slightly higher emphasis on nourishment.


One of the most balancing herbs for this time of year without a doubt is Gynostemma.

  • Instant Stress Relief but also nourishes long-term energy. 

Gynostemma has so many incredible dual functions, meaning it covers both sides of the spectrum in regards to balance, harmony and health, something that very few herbs so skillfully accomplish.

Gynostoemma helps you slow down and become more reflective encouraging a meditative state of mind with its adaptogenic and anti stress properties, yet, at the same time, nourishes your long-term energy! This is because it is actually nourishing your true energy and not stimulating you to use energy you don’t have.

  • Natures Antidepressant, Balances Seasonal Dryness by Moistening the Lungs! 

As the nature of autumn is dryness, it becomes increasingly important to apply healing oils to ones body, and nourish the inner moisture aspect of the body. This is less about drinking copious amounts of water and more about harmonizing to the external seasonal influence just as Chinese and Ayurveda medicine has promoted for thousands of years.

Organic Gynostemma Tea

Because Gynostemma nourishes the moisture of the lungs, we become more emotionally fluid and less prone to the seasonal influence of grief and depression. Therefore, the lungs are able to circulate fluids much easier to prevent our skin from becoming too dry.

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  • Detoxing and Building While Being Disease Preventative 

As an herb in the tonify qi category of Chinese medicine, which can also be thought of as strengthening qi, Gynostemma naturally builds our energetic reserves without being stimulating like caffeine.

Being that this is such a versatile and dual action herb, in addition to building us up, it also helps break down toxins within the intestinal tract and eliminates them, preventing infectious diseases and unwanted bacterial growth.

Gynostemma is a natural anti inflammatory to the gastrointestinal tract and beneficial in lowering blood pressure while modulating cholesterol.

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