He Shou Wu Benefits | Ho Shou Wu Benefits

He Shou Wu or Polygonum Multiflora is also called Foti. It is Polygonum native specie of Southern and Central China serves as one of the most powerful herbal medicine that could treat significant number of illnesses. It usually grows 2-4 meters tall on woody tuber and is identified as an herbaceous perennial vine. Its leaves are around 3-7 centimeters long with 2-5 centimeters in width. Leaves come in full margin and shaped like a broad arrowhead. He Shou Wu flowers are greenish-white or white in color, 6-7 mm in diameter and produces dense and short panicles which grows 10-20 centimeter long on summer and to mid-autumn.

The herb is used as a tonic that improves the endocrine glands, the overall health, resistance to disease, and stamina. It is also used in reducing cholesterol because of the herb’s lecithin component. Moreso, the herb had been proven to be very effective against bloody stools, diabetes, epilepsy, chronic bronchitis, bloody stools, angina pectoris, schizophrenia, malaria, impotence and ringworms. It also helps promote proper generation of red blood cells, get rid of intestinal parasites and resist colds.

Another significant use of He Shou Wu is its capability in restoring natural hair color and prevents it from graying. People who have used the herb had seen a significant improvement of their gray hair and notice that the hair returns to its original color. In addition, the herb helps relives painful knees and signs of kidney disorders. It also helps in relieving person’s lower back pain and improves sexual performance.

Recent studies shows that the herb also helps in improving the cardiovascular system of a person, enhances the functions of the immune system, slows glands degeneration, increases the antioxidant activities in the body, reduces the lipid peroxidation, slows down aging and reduces risks on fatal disease like cancer and heart attack.

The herb undergoes traditional preparation by slicing the roots immediately after it had been harvested. It will be cooked along with black bean soup with 10 parts He Shou Wu and 1 part black beans soup ratio. It will be boiled until the soup has dried out. After that, the roots will then be dried. This will serve as the tonic that will be used against the different ailments. This process had been used across generations. However, in recent years innovations on the preparation of the herb had been introduced that includes tinctures, teas and capsules from the herbs roots.

In animals, the herb had been observed to slow down the vital organs aging process especially the ovary, reproductive organs, testicle and uterus. This same effect had been noted to studies conducted on human. He Shou Wu had shown 88.9% effectivity rate when used to reverse the gray hair back to being black through its diluted alcohol extract.

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