Health and Longevity Decoded


If we were to seek out one simple extremely high leverage principle for greater health, abundance, vitality, and longevity, what would it be?

To answer that, lets take a look at the practical, the simple, and the obvious.

We can all agree that:

When people are born they are supple, and when they die they are stiff.

At the birth of a man he is elastic and weak; at his death rigid and unyielding.

The human living state is soft and pliable. The dead state is hard and rigid.

This principle also applies to other areas of nature.

Look at trees and grass, in life they are soft and fluid and in death become hard and dry.

Can also use the example of the hard wood tree vs the bamboo tree in a wind storm.

So from this we can easily see that if we want more health, more flow, and more life, then we should harmonize with the principles of suppleness and fluidity and learn how to cultivate these characteristics throughout the sum total of our being.

Doesn’t meant to go limp or to sloth around in a state of apathetic lazy lethargy.

More so it means to learn to relax and flow. To learn to be more fluid and supple.

To learn how to use actionless action and effortless effort.

Thus balancing and harmonizing our active and passive faculties while learning how to use intelligence and harmony rather than effort.

Or again to use actionless action and effortless effort.

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