Herbal Remedy for More Energy

There are many herbs that can provide energy.  They each have their own personalities, and most of the time, don’t work the same way for every body.  Every body is different, thus different herbs are going to resonate with different people in different fashions.  However, there is a common ground that connects us as a species in regards to energy production, and if we can find a way to address the source of natural energy, we can then decipher a source that can provide strength in this area.  Without further ado, I would to introduce the star of this article.

Cordyceps has been found to communicate with our very deepest source of pure and natural energy in a non-stimulating manner, providing to be one of the most effective and broad-spectrum natural herbal supplements for energy on the market.  Again, this is because it is able to speak the language of our bodies, making it special and efficient for each and every recipient of its nutrients.

How it Works

We’ll address this chronologically, and begin by explaining the traditional uses in Chinese Medicine.  Cordyceps corresponds (say that 5 times fast) with the kidney and lung meridians, seen to strengthen the kidneys, tonify kidney yang and nourish the lung yin.  It was used to treat both impotence and sexual stamina, as well as, lethargy, cough, sickness, insomnia, and promote overall energy and longevity.  Farmers first identified it when they realized their cattle had been extremely sexually active and gained general strength and endurance after grazing a field abundant in this fungus.  Upon further exploration, the byproduct of human consumption was quite alike in nature, thus was born the amazing and intuitive supplement of cordyceps.

Science and Our Body Language

When modern science got its paws on cordyceps, we began to unfold the reasons behind the findings of our predecessors.  It was discovered that the consumption of cordyceps increases cellular ATP levels!




  • ATP is produced in every human’s mitochondria
  • Known as the “currency of energy” for the living body
  • Triggers cellular metabolism
  • Known to decrease as we age [doesn’t have to :wink wink:]

ATP is a battery, and it is our job to charge it. If we keep this battery charged, not only will we begin to have more natural energy, but it also possible that we will slow, if not reverse, the aging process.  ATP begins at a cellular level.  It is the source that provides the “juice” cells need to repair, regenerate, and rejuvenate.  This means that with increased levels, skin will even reveal a noticeable transformation with a more efficient cellular structure that is producing collagen and replacing damaged tissue.  So, from the cells to your reflection, ATP works in our favor.

What Makes ATP Deplete?

Overtime, ATP can deplete due to lack of nutrients, mostly hydrogen and oxygen, and if you see below at the chemical makeup of cordyceps, it is addressed on an elemental level.

ATP can also be depleted by environmental pollutants paired with a poor ability to eliminate them from our bodies.  Interestingly enough, in Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps and its kidney tonifying properties allows protection from and proper elimination of harmful chemicals, free radicals and pollutants.

Otherwise, just a plain bad diet and unhealthy lifestyle could kiss your ATP and cellular energy goodbye.

Cordyceps to the Rescue!

Now that we have seen the important role ATP plays on our overall health and energy and learned that cordyceps raises the cellular levels of ATP, let’s explore some other amazing facets of cordyceps that will provide you more energy and tonify your well-being!

Cordyceps has been seen to enhance oxygen utilization; basically helping your body to work less.  Body working less=more energy for you.  This provides a wonderful platform for a workout, meditation, or just plain existing.  Again, in revisiting Traditional Chinese Medicine, cordyceps tonifies lung yin, we see former intuition hold hands with our present-day scientific knowledge.

Cordyceps stabilizes the heart, and has been seen to balance heart beat and correct arrhythmia, so while producing more energy for your workout, you are not putting  stress on your heart.  In fact, it is doing just the opposite, which is unique about cordyceps when compared to other energy providers.

Speaking of facts, we’ll end this article with a fun one about cordyceps.  In the 1993 Summer Olympics in Beijing, nine world records were broken in the women’s track and field, all by the Chinese team.  This was record-breaking in and of itself, so naturally, they were issued urine tests to ensure the use of steroids or other illegal athletic enhancers were not present.  To much disbelief, it was an all-natural win, and when the coach was questioned as to how her team managed to accomplish such a feat, she replied it was due to their “rigorous training schedule, their passionate commitment to track and field, and a secret elixir made from Cordyceps.

Olympic energy?  I’ll take some.

Cordyceps is takes the cake for ATP production and tops it with a myriad of health and life-extending benefits.  We are blessed to have access to such an amazing supplement.

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