How Can We Boost Qi?

How can we boost our Qi?. In this article, we will explore simple solutions to get your qi in balance while also explaining some functions of Chaga Mushroom within the context of TCM.

Classified as a qi tonic: Chaga invigorates and replenishes the qi.

What does it mean to be a qi tonic? The classical definition of qi is “The vital life force that flows through the body.” Qi can take different forms- blood, food, water. It can also take other manifestations like movement, light, impulses, creativity, and inspiration. It is the fuel that gives us energy and life- both material and immaterial. Chinese Medicine practitioners work directly with regulation of qi during treatments. Chaga, as a qi tonic, supplies us with a qi boost. It enlivens what we already are working with, replenishing our wares and conditioning our bodies to receive and circulate qi. This gives us more energy and balances the essential systems of the body.

It is a primary ally in supplementing the "wei qi" or “surface defense qi.”

Going deeper into qi territory, let’s explore what “wei qi” is. This is a pretty complex term with occasionally conflicting translations due to crossed wires between its formation and function with its circulation. As a practitioner, when working with wei qi, there are acute factors and details to consider, but as for simply understanding it for the purpose of this article, we will explore one of its functions.

The wei qi regulates the bodies ability to appropriately open and close the pores in order to close the body off from pathogens while still being able to vent heat. Chaga helps in defending the immune system from external pathogenic influences such as environmental toxins, and drastic weather fluctuations. To give you an example, the difference between two individuals exposed to the same pathogenic influence and one becoming sick is the integrity of their wei qi. In a western medical sense, we could say that wei qi is the integrity of our immune system.

How Qi Affects Our Everyday Lives

Qi can be depleted through excessive work, stress, or lack of sleep. Over a period of time this eventually leads to what the ancient Chinese refer to as “blood deficiency”. If this deficiency goes untreated or ignored for too long, it progresses to a leakage of “Jing” or “primordial essence energy,” the most severe state of long term deficiency.

Jing is the life force we are born with- the breath and life-giving energies that supply us with actual existence.  In order to avoid chipping away at these stores, regulating our qi,and keeping it healthy through maintaining a smooth flow of qi is vital. This avoidable cascade of physical degeneration starts with the qi and can be prevented through consumption of powerful and clean “qi tonics.”

Because our Qi fluctuates so drastically depending on the demands of our weekly schedule, it can be helpful to supplement in an herb which is able to replenish this vital life substance on a daily or weekly basis, both as an insurance policy on health and to ensure we are truly engaging in life; which may be the difference in surviving and thriving. Chaga or Reishi are two of the best qi tonics in Chinese Medicine. We test our herbs to ensure their purity and potency so you can focus on that qi, and not on the quality of the product :).


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