How Gynostemma Can Upgrade Your Yoga & Meditation Practice

While  practices such as meditation and yoga are widely known to increase personal awareness, emotional freedom, and a calmer, less reactive mind, there seems to be a divide between the true yogi’s and monks and the lay practitioner. The lay practitioner often struggles with the challenge of incorporating these ancient practices in modern life which is fast paced, and far more stimulating. Because of the addiction to stimulation, and excitatory states of mind, even those who practice often can find it arduous at times.

Clinical studies have suggested that systemic inflammation in the body makes it more difficult to relax and reach a parasympathetic state, the “resting state”. When the body is operating from a place of homeostasis, inflammation in the tissues is reduced making it much more effortless to reach deeper meditative states as well as to get there quicker!

The compound effect is a universal law which states that if one is to do the same practice on a daily basis or for regular intervals of time they will make leaps and bounds in whatever that practice is.

One way to hack the difficulty of meditation, yoga or other meditative practices which require a still mind, is to take herbs which induce a calming effect. Because inflammation in the body is easily caused through diet, stress, alkaline/acid imbalance, injuries, and emotional factors, it can be difficult to narrow it down to which factor is causing it, and in fact, often it is a combination of them.

One of the most well rounded and all encompassing herbs for reducing inflammation caused by the above factors is Gynostemma. The reasoning for this is that Gynostemma clams the nervous system, affects multiple organs and reduces inflammation on all of them!

Can you envision a practice where you begin closer to physical and mental equilibrium?

Now, apply the compound effect to this idea. Regular practice starting at an already calm, concentrated, and physically superior equilibrium, over an extended period of time. By default, and universal law this would yield exponential results in a much shorter time with a reduction in the effort necessary to produce the results.

Step out a week, a month, a year, or 5 years from now, and what would your practice be like if you combined the compound effect with an herb such as Gynostemma or Reishi Mushroom, both of which support a meditative state, while calming the nerves, and reducing inflammation? This would most certainly, consistently boost results, which I can personally verify in my own experience.

In the western paradigm we often try to will our way through everything. If there is pain suck it up, if something is hard, try harder. The problem with this is that practices such as meditation and yoga are the opposite of forceful action. By approaching these practices with this mindset we are inevitably reducing our abilities to progress at a desired rate and setting ourselves up for frustration and disappointment.

The secret is to work smarter, not harder. Lifestyle practices such as meditation and yoga when combined with herbalism is a way to hack your physiology and more easily bypass a number of the common challenges associated with them. By addressing the body’s physiology when we begin these practices, the far off notion of reaching higher monk-like states could be more attainable.

What is Gynostemma? Why Do I really Enjoy it?

Gynostemma is a semi-sweet green tea like tasting herb which is soothing to the soul and delicate on the pallet. It makes an excellent addition to any tea collection and can be used every day with absolutely no unbalancing effects. Gynostemma will produce a calming affect, but taken overtime increases overall energy without being stimulating. It boosts the immune system, improves digestion, reduces inflammation in the entire body, and is loaded with anti oxidants! Lastly, it is not contraindicated with other herbs or nutritional supplements, so it is a safe and effective solution to evolving your lifestyle practices and enjoying as often as one desires!

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