How Important Is Diet Really?


Overhauling the diet is an important thing, a great starting point, and also a huge trap for a lot of people.

Lets look at where we get energy and nourishment from and which is the most critical for life.

Breathe — on average 2 -3 mins

Water — 3 days

Sleep — Most people feel the effects in 2 -3 days, but in reality it much shorter.

Exercise — 2 — 3 days

Food – 3 weeks

We can see that each of things are critical for life and thus key sources of nourishment. For this reason it makes sense to optimize each area.

If we are truly interested in real health and a holistic lifestyle then

So the question is

How much time and energy are we investing in each and are we favoring one over the other? Are we Jonny one note?

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