How to Brew Tea

Tea is more than simply a delicious beverage – it is actually a tonic herb! Prescribed as a medicine dating back thousands of years, tea is now widely studied for its amazing health benefits. This is why drinking tea is part of daily life in China and much of East Asia.

Tea isn’t just an alternative hot beverage to coffee. It’s long list of benefits, virtual lack of negative side effects, and ability to be taken every day, several times a day make it the ideal daily tonic herb.

This is why we are so excited to bring you a variety of rare and delicious teas, from oolongs to pu-erhs to herbal teas. These carefully selected teas hail from pristine, remote mountainous regions of China. They come from small family farms where tea production has been the livelihood for generations.

This isn’t your typical cup of tea though. Our teas are loose whole leaf (or bud and flower) teas – not a tea bag that you throw in a mug and pour water over. There is a process to brewing a great cup of tea.

Known as “gongfucha,” a classic Chinese tea ceremony is the preparation and serving of tea in a ritualized manor. The term actually translates to “tea making skill” and provides more than just a good-tasting cup of tea. Brewing tea gong fu style also serves as a meditative practice meant to calm and center the drinker.


To learn more about why you should be brewing Gong Fu style, check out this video:


A tea set is a must for anyone who is serious about good tea. Our new gong fu tea set includes everything that you need to begin brewing tea the traditional way. Brewing your tea gong fu style will provide you with a system that gives you consistency in flavor and maximizes the benefits of drinking tea.


In this video, Brandon explains in 3 easy steps how to use your gaiwan to brew delicious tea:


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