Medicinal Bone Broth Recipe For Winter Nourishment

Much of the energy for accomplishing the goals and visions of this upcoming year can be enhanced through the knowledge of living with the seasons. Many people spend their holiday breaks becoming stressed about the holidays, family affairs or lack thereof, and indulging in overly carbohydrate rich foods. In essence, there is nothing wrong with this, there is only the way of nature. One can observe that instead of rest and rejuvenation there is still a cultural tendency of business and stress, which is ironic in its presentation of a holiday season. In the Huang di Nei Jing, one of the most revered and studied Chinese medicine books ever written, it states

“The three months of winter is the season for storage. The water freezes and the earth cracks. Cares must be taken not to disturb yang. People should sleep early in the night and get up late in the morning when the sun is shining, physically maintaining quiet just like keeping private affairs or as if having obtained what one has desired. They should guard themselves against cold and try to keep warm, avoiding sweating so as to prevent loss of yang qi. This is what adaptation to dong qi (winter-qi) means and this is the principle for yang cang (cultivating health and promoting the storing functions of the body). Any violation will impair shen qi (kidney-qi) and reduce the energy for the following season, lead to wei jue (dysfunction, weakness and coldness of the limbs) in spring due to insufficient supply for growth in spring.”


This passage illustrates that the way of nature or the tao, during this time of year is stillness, reflection, and consolidating energy rather than dispersing it. Many people after binging on carbs and booze jump into a juice cleanse and hit the gym extra hard in hopes of reversing the nature of their actions. Both of these according to the wisdom of Chinese medicine would only weaken the body. Remember, the body needs to protected from cold and dispersing of energy at this time.

So what is a more balanced response to health during this time? Meditation, qi gong, and yoga (Not Bikram) are more harmonious physical activities. Instead of a cold raw cleanse, which may be more appropriate for the spring and summer seasons, warming vegetable soups and bone broths are an excellent way to support the body’s needs for quality fats, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes, while still abiding by the laws of nature.

To be truly successful in the new year and achieving our goals, it is vital to strategize maintaining a present awareness to these laws of nature, so that when our time comes to shine, we can do so with a deeper luminosity that will radiate forth the fruits of our practice, and the skillfulness of our ways. In the spirit of this, I wanted to offer you a delicious herbal bone broth recipe which will support you in maintaining balance and building strength for this upcoming year. It is warming to the digestive system, and supports the health of the connective tissues, cognitive functioning, while being soothing to the digestive tract.

Hyperion Medicinal Bone Broth Recipe Ingredients:

Action: Tonify Kidney Yang, Warm the middle, Nourish Kidney/Liver Yin, Tonify Qi, Build blood.

1 tbs He shou Wu Extract

1 tbs Cordyceps Extract

1 tbs Reishi Extract

5-10 grams (about a small fistful) organic Licorice Root (Gan Cao)

1-2 Organic Chinese Pears, or regular Pears

3-5 medium slices of Fresh Ginger

¼ of a Scallion Bundle (chopped)

3 oz’s of Organic Tamari or Coconut Aminoes

Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

2 large pinches of Pink Himalayan

Optional: Organic Chinese White Pepper Powder (Dash)


  1. Place 1 package of grass-fed marrow bones in medium sized pot and fill with water until it is close to the top.
  2. Add a tablespoon of Braggs apple cider vinegar to the pot with a large pinch of sea salt.
  3. Bring water to boil and turn to simmer for 6 hours adding water as it evaporates down. Skim off foam which will arise to the top
  4. Add The Licorice Root in last the 45 minutes of cooking
  5. Chop up 3-5 ginger slices and 1-2 pears and add in last twenty minutes of cooking.
  6. At very end add the He Shou Wu, Cordyceps and Reishi Extracts and mix with a spoon until evenly dissolved.
  7. Chop Scallion (to taste) or use the above mentioned 1/4th of scallion bunch approximation and add into appetizer sized soup bowls (all following instructions indicate adding ingredients to the soup bowls, not the broth.)
  8. Add Tamari And/Or Coconut Aminoes (3 oz or to taste)
  9. Add a dash Chinese White Pepper (Optional)
  10. Pour and strain Broth into bowls and enjoy!

Wishing you a restful and rejuvenating first week of the New Year, and I look forward to offering you more resources for empowerment and health.

Talk soon,


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